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January 10, 2012

The Classics: Mulberry Spring 2012

If I didn't know better I would say I just stepped into a Rainbow Sherbet ad
But no this is an ad for Mulberry's Spring 2012 line
And I have died.
Not only am I a lover of extremely high wedges with ankle straps but I am also a lover of ice cream,
candy, and the beach.
The colors ooze with deliciousness and I'm not going to lie my stomach is grumbling.
Perhaps one day I will be on Brighton Beach with my yellow Mulberry's eating an ice cream cone.


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  1. amazing!!
    love these pics, so inspiring!
    thanks for the comment on my blog sweetie
    i follow you back;-)

  2. Wow amazing! I love this collection. You got a new follower! <3<3

  3. I love MULBERRY! This collection just reminds me of the British summer sea side! Although I'm not sure if I like the patent yellow Bayswater bag enough to buy it.

    Im following you now,

    kuki xx


Thank you so very much for all your comments they mean the world to me! Keep spreading the love and inspiration. xo ejc

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