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February 01, 2012

Refinery 29's Style Blogger Competition

Hello followers!
I am happy to announce that I have entered into another blogger competition (I'm highly competitive so this type of thing is perfect for me).
Refinery 29 is hosting a little style blogger competition where the winner gets to be an intern writing for them from their NYC headquarters, and become Bar III style ambassador touring America and attending amazing FLEA MARKETS!
How perfect is this for me? It encompasses everything I am about - writing, fashion, flea markets, and NYC dreamin!

Simply click the link below, find my picture and click the little pink heart on the right hand corner!

If you like my blog and support my passion please vote, I really appreciate it!

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  1. I voted for you!

  2. Now i follow you too :)
    Coment my new outfit in


Thank you so very much for all your comments they mean the world to me! Keep spreading the love and inspiration. xo ejc

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