Monday, April 2

A bit of EJC: Summer days driftin away

This look was total costume and total vintage.
I felt like I was straight out of the Grease musical, apart of the Pink Ladies of course.
Move over Rizo.
I put my hair up in a classic bandanna, Lala perfected my lips with a bright red hue, and the polka dot pencil skirt sealed the deal.

"Summer lovin' had me a blast
Summer lovin' happened so fast
I met a girl crazy for me
Met a boy cute as can be
Summer days driftin' away, to uh-oh those summer nights"

Hope you enjoyed these looks just as much as I enjoyed capturing them!


27 comments: said...

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Chicpear said...

love your polka dot skirt and red heels! gorgeous!

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Denimtarian said...

WoW...that´s a amazing style of you:) Ladylike with a huge touch of passion...

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Joana said...

I feel like this could be both rockabilly, but also a bit of pin-up as you're wearing rather tight-fitting clothes. You look absolutely gorgeous!

x Joana

Polly said...

thx for comment)

you're so beautiful!amazing look)

Polly with love)
follow each other?

vintage process said...

Nice pictures! I love it!!

Victoria said...

I absolutely love this retro look on you.. you look amazing! :)

- Victoria

Simonetta Degano said...

I love these photos!! your look is amazing and you're stunning!



Ramen Couture said...

Amazing photos! I love the retro look, especially the red lips and polka dots (my favorite).


Sabrina said...

I loved the pictures were fabulous
cool this style Grease
: D

ps: i loved the music

danielle said...

cute outfit. that lipstick looks perfect on you!

Giovanna said...

Great look! Love it!


@jackiegiardina said...

OMG this outfit is PERFECT!!!! such pin up style

xo Jackie
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A Bit of Sass said...

You are totally channeling Grease. Great post! I'm a new follower, hope you stop by and check out my blog:)

arleendee said...

Hey EJC! :) thanks for stopping by my blog <3
love yours and this outfit is stunning, very modern-pinup like :) also, you are beautiful!! xx

under fashion arrest said...

love your outfit dear! so sexy! thanks for your comment on my blog! i am following! follow me back??? thank you!

Nissy B Unique said...

Wow, you look absolutely amazing! I love your outfit and the photos are beautiful!

thank you so much for your lovely comment! I'll visit as many beaches and other places as I could =) Can't wait!

by the way, I'm following via bloglovin.

xox Nissy

Sandra Leiva said...

Great skirt! <3

Joana said...

I was already following you with bloglovin, but I'm following with GFC too :)

x Joana

LILLIAN said...

So I just realized I have never commented.

You are beautiful and your style is TOO AMAZING for words.

You're an inspiration.

Xoxo Lil

Henrietta Moore said...

Hello Hottie!!
Am absolutely jealous of where you live so will endeavor to stalk you from now on to feal like I'm apart of LA life. :0 x

Nia said...

uh thanks for this huge compliment!
i like your outfits! and your blog is amazing! I also would love to be followers <3
xx nia

KeyKey said...

Aaaa I love pin-up!!!

Clara said...

You are so gorgeous,, great look!

The Fashionable ESQ said...

your makeup looks amazing in this set...very retro 50's pinup.

The Fashionable ESQ

Robert said...

iam a new commer..i love fashion..i can follow you all...

I love your fashion sense.cut look

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Chelsea said...

Oh I love your top! Grease is one of my all time favourite movies. I think I have the whole thing memorized!