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September 13, 2012

A bit of EJC: The First of Many MAGIC's

As the weeks after MAGIC fade and blur into the daily - daily life, daily chores, and daily responsibilities 
I look back on my first MAGIC trip as inspirational, educational and simply wonderful.
 Rounding up world-wide brands from shoes to handbags to clothing...under one roof...for three days...is a triumph on its own.
Not only did it open my eyes to a world of fashion so vast...but also so powerful.
I felt the energy, the vibe, and the overall love of fashion that inspired me to the trillionth degree.
I met some amazing bloggers and learned so much from both our personal chats to the official Social House Panels.
As a recent graduate from Woodbury University it truly put into perspective the massiveness of the fashion industry.
There is a place and a brand for every one...it's just about finding it.

Thank you to everyone that made my first MAGIC trip amazing...
Kelsi, Brenda, Renya and of course all my Two Point Oh LA ladies.
Love you all.



  1. Lovely pictures, you look stunning x

  2. I Adore this outfit, the dress is gorgeous! And the heels!! <3 love.

    xx Natalie



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