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September 20, 2012

The Classics: French Kinda Feeling

It's times like these where I smile and think back to when I first started my blog - 
all about shoes and music.
Combining the two in the most unusual ways that probably only made sense to me.
In a sea of outfit posts I thought I would take it back to basics.

Monday night was spent with my cousin Linette browsing quaint little shops in SoCal.
I noticed a song that had been playing in one of them...
French, beautiful with a certain something that made me smile and daydream as I twirled the aisles. 
Carla Bruni's French voice, Jean Michel Cazabat fabulous French heels and a personal shot 
from my weekend in Paris last year.

It's a French kinda feeling today.


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  1. Going back to the roots right? Yup it's definitely important to take a little look back and dig through what you wanted in the first place. Love the post, the shoes, and the song by the way!

    The Dilly Chic


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