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October 09, 2012

The Classics: Springs Best Run-a-way Shoes

I needed some time to look over all the footwear of the Spring 2013 shows. 
New York all the way to Paris. 
Examine, ponder, analyze. 
I noticed an interesting mix of super clunky, mixed with super sleek designs.
What I love most about runway shoes is that they are all so different.
There is no clear direction.
Each designer does what they please and it's quite refreshing. 

My top picks from each show?
All things pretty.
J. Mendel from New York
Mulberry from London
Gucci from Milan 
Muglar from Paris

Perfect shades, prints, and overall shoe silhouettes.
I love.


photos c/o fashionologie 

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  1. WOW the top left are my favoriteeeeeee! Super beautiful and elegant...


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