Wednesday, May 30

A bit of EJC: Affairs of the Heart

Currently obsessed with flowy printed dresses, finger waves, and Damian Marley.
Odd mix? I think not.
The dress and shoes were courtesy of Flirt Catalog and I seriously can not stop wearing them!
It is finally feeling like summer and I can not wait to spend the next few months beachin it up.

Affairs of the Heart has been blasting ever since I heard it on my way back from Vegas.
It's a must for any reggae lover.
Affairs of the hearts
Together we’ve grown
If ever apart
All I want u to know
Is your love is life changing
And I couldn’t be the same without you darling
Your love is life saving
You always catch me when I fall


Wednesday, May 23

Insta EJC

All that is my life right now...

I've been collaging away my creativity.
I've been getting dolled up and going out excessively.
I've been writing in my journal religiously.
I've been drinking repeatedly.
I've been eating candy gluttonously.
I've been observing the world around me carefully.


Tuesday, May 15

The Classics: Free

I thought it was time to focus a bit on myself and remember the things that make me happy.
I started to blog because I loved sharing music that made me feel good and sharing shoes that ironically enough made me feel just as good.
When I heard this song on the radio a couple weeks ago I immediately Shazaamed it and have been obsessed ever since. The beats - so fun, the lyrics - so fitting, yet not so fitting.
I haven't had as much time lately to shop online(which could be a really good thing for my bank account) but I'm spending tonight purchasing some much needed beauties. I know they'll come to the rescue when I need them.

C Label Christian 8 Black Super Platform Sandals
Yoki Lika Blue Multi Woven Zig-Zag Platform Sandals
C Label Christian 3 Beige Lace-up Platforms
C Label Christian 2 Beige Woven Stripe Platform Sandals

"But I can't lie here beside you, beside you
Cause you steal my soul when you leave
Set me free babe.
Set me free..."

Wednesday, May 9


Well, as you know I just graduated and things have been a bit hectic in my life.
I just snagged a once in a lifetime opportunity to work for Giuliano Bekor (google him) as his Social Media Coordinator so naturally all my time has been focused on him and building his photography empire.
I feel very sad that I have not been able to do outfit posts and collaborate on my end with some amazing photographers, make-up, hair, etc. but I promise to do so this weekend!

So for the time being I thought I would share some personal outfit shots taken on my iPhone and Instagramed (because I am obsessed.)

Photo 1: Wearing a vintage skirt and blouse with my Messeca Clogs via PLNDR
Photo 2: Wearing a simple cotton H&M dress
Photo 3: Wearing a Jason Wu for Target dress with my UrbanOG wedges, Pour La Victoire Bag and H&M belt
Photo 4: Wearing a kelly green Mine Blouse with BDG jeans, a Forever21 belt and Pour La Victoire nude pumps
Photo 5: Wearing a very ancient tie-dye Forever21 maxi skirt with a cropped bustier 

Saturday, May 5

A bit of EJC: Graduation

Graduation day is tomorrow.
 It's the day I have been waiting for all year and it feels so surreal!
I spent the last two and half years at Woodbury University studying Fashion Marketing and unbelievably happy and proud of how far I have come.
I've learned everything from business basics to consumer behavior and of course my favorite fashion electives.
I did pretty well for not being a "school" person in high school and ended with a 3.89 GPA and the Academic Excellence Award in Fashion Marketing.
I'm ready for the real world and the world should be ready for me because I am relentless on my pursuit of success.
Thank you to my amazing friends and family that have stuck by my side. I could not have done it without your love and support.
And of course Wendy Bendoni who has been the biggest influence in my academic journey.
The wisdom, insight, and experiences I have gained and experienced have been once in a lifetime.
On a side note...
I will finally have extra time to blog which I am totally ecstatic about!
I thought I would make my hat stand out and stuck bunny ears on it for my bunny self!

Peace and love forever.


wearing: dress - forever21, clogs - messeca from PLNDR