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January 16, 2013

Uno De 50 LA Bloggers Unite

The perfect ingredients for a lovely Saturday afternoon in the urban city of Silverlake, California:
Five LA Bloggers.
Five unique styles.
One amazing photographer.
An amazing crew.
And one phenomenal brand - Uno de 50.
Uno de 50 is a Spanish based jewelry line that sets itself apart from the rest.
Using silver, leather and intricate stones their designs are unique and inspired by natural elements. 
A few pieces stole my heart from the shoot...

The Ibiza Cuff with wrap around leather strap - such a versatile piece. 
The Trepadera ring with red resin stones - a must-have statement ring.
And of course the zipper necklace, 2004 - edgy and one of a kind.
Can't wait to get my hands on all of these! 
Uno de 50 will open their doors to the Beverly Center in early March so stay tuned because me and my blogger gals will be hosting the opening party! 

Thank you to KyleBrian Dowling, Pablo and everyone who worked on this project...I had an absolute blast!

Featuring Sheryl from Walk in Wonderland, Deniz from Le Fashion Monster, Chanelle from The Penelope Times and Stephanie from Honey & Silk these girls rock my blogging world. 




  1. CUTE ;)))



  2. Looks super fun and lovely! I wish I have something like that where I live, but nope, bloggers aren't something significant here which is sad. Jealous of you!

    The Dilly Chic

  3. Wow, these are by far some of your best photos yet. You look fantastic too, love that skirt.


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