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February 26, 2013

February Inspo Day

The month of February was filled with adventure and instability.
As a young woman of 24 making my way through life it's difficult knowing 
exactly what road I should take and as I weigh my options I embark on adventures that leave me
unstable in a youngwildandfree type of way.
I was inspired by love - the most difficult concept to grasp, yet the most wonderful thing of all.
I was inspired by bright colors and prints with the onset of Spring.
I began to educate myself and appreciate street art - Curtis Kulig being my favorite.
Slow beats and soulful songs from the past put me in sweet slumbers
and I once again began to escape into fairytale novels...
I hope to one day have the sweetest library in my home.


photos c/o Instagram @mrsgrubby, pinterest here and here, observando, nasty gal

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