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March 04, 2013

Articles of Society

I think I should dub March "Midriff March" because the last four days of this month have all been belly bearing. 
Perhaps its due to my sudden burst of confidence (and weight loss)!
I've also been wearing jeans...(pants in general) more than ever in my life.
It's quite nice slipping on a pair of skinnies and thinking damn my butt looks good! 
That was my exact thought this morning when putting on these amazing
The red acid wash was on point, not to mention the fit and comfort factor.
I seriously can't get over them and for a girl with "Pant Issues" that means a lot.
I wanted to keep the look true to my nature...feminine and I naturally
paired them with a vintage floral circa 1990's blouse. 
Pinned the bangs back for an "angelic" look that is not in my nature...ha ha.

Thank you to my loves at xPose PR.
You have created a denim feign monster!
You can purchase Articles of Society at


wearing: jeans - c/o articles of society, heels - kurt geiger c/o, blouse - vintage 



  1. If my midriff looked like that I would wear crop tops EVERY day :)
    Brooke @ what2wear

  2. just became your newest follower and am obsessed with your jeans and your confidence! i think you're gorgeous and a true inspiration. p.s. those heels are rockin' xo

  3. Such a fun look! I need to try a midriff shirt! Loving those acid wash jeans! The color is great!


  4. You are rockin' this outfit love!! Love how you styled it. x, Kat

    Love and Ace


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