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January 15, 2014

The French Connection

There are days in my life where I feel like I do not belong.
Especially since I live in a small town right outside of the big city of LA.
I stand out - I dress differently, I act differently.
As I was taking these outfit photos near my favorite park an older gentleman stopped his 
beat down pick up trunk and said
"Wow you look mighty nice young lady."
And this for me is a usual response...
I choose not to wear yoga pants and sneakers, or just casual clothes in general because it has never been me.
Always overdressed and wearing pieces the general public would never wear has been my life story.
I like to stand out, I like to be different, I like to have people do a double take...not because I am beautiful but because I am not like others.

This French Connection skirt and stripe top duo made me feel...French.
With my hair tucked behind my ears and my make-up a bit messy I wish my backdrop was a cafe on the Champs-Elysees. 


wearing: skirt and top - c/o french connection, bag - pour la victoire, heels - schutz, sunglasses - zerouv

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