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October 27, 2014

Milkmaid Braids on the Bridge

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Bridges are beautiful.
Cement arches that link one side to the other.
During my study abroad trip in Italy I spent many mornings, afternoons and late nights on the 
bridges across the Arno River...
Journaling, people watching, basking in that Tuscan sun.
There's something about a bridge that makes me feel serene.
Like anything is possible.

There aren't many of them in LA and although I love my city the few we have do not come close to those in Florence. 
But, I decided to have a Sunday adventure and Emin and I challenged ourselves to shoot here.
The sun was setting perfectly across the LA hills.
I put my hair in milkmaid braids after a long day of flea markets and chocolate cake.
A Tobi black pleated mini skirt with subtle gridlock pattern and white blouse with black stripes was my choice for a 
Sunday evening ensemble.
Simple, pretty and ultra girly.
Red ShoeMint pumps added a much needed pop of color. 


wearing: skirt - c/o tobi, top - c/o tobi, heels - brandi c/o shoemint



  1. I love your hair! This look is so cute

  2. nice look ; -)


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  3. This is the cutest outfit I've ever seen. Love the first pic of you!


  4. Great outfit! I love your top


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