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October 10, 2014

Sunglasses Problem

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Hi, my name is Emily and I have a sunglass problem.
The first step to any addiction is to admit you have an issue, right?
Well, I've tried my best to figure out where this little hiccup stems from...
And I just can't seem to pinpoint the exact moment.
The fact of the matter is...
I love a good pair of sunglasses but I can't keep them on my face for more than 5 minutes.
My bf constantly makes fun of me, in an hour car ride they will come off and on a total of 45 times!

I decided to share my problem & some of my favorite swoon worthy selects.
Happy Sunglass Shopping!
Hope you don't catch what I have after this...meh.




  1. great post!

  2. You know I'm a Celine fangirl ;) So sorry, but your 'problem' is hilarious :D



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