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October 29, 2014

The Boyfriend Coat

 photo boyfriendcoat_luccacouture_blackskinnyjeans_stylemint_gap_fedora_zpsf1d18f1e.jpg  photo boyfriendcoat_luccacouture_blackskinnyjeans_stylemint_gap_fedora_5_zpsc1c06d0e.jpg  photo boyfriendcoat_luccacouture_blackskinnyjeans_stylemint_gap_fedora_4_zps5a3983dd.jpg  photo boyfriendcoat_luccacouture_blackskinnyjeans_stylemint_gap_fedora_7_zps9cea999f.jpg  photo boyfriendcoat_luccacouture_blackskinnyjeans_stylemint_gap_fedora_3_zps6831469e.jpg  photo boyfriendcoat_luccacouture_blackskinnyjeans_stylemint_gap_fedora_2_zps3b90535e.jpg  photo boyfriendcoat_luccacouture_blackskinnyjeans_stylemint_gap_fedora_6_zpsb56e946b.jpg  photo boyfriendcoat_luccacouture_blackskinnyjeans_stylemint_gap_fedora_8_zpsfd9a823f.jpg

Growing up with mostly boys has had a major affect on my wardrobe.
As a little girl...actually, way into my 20's I wore everything from ruffles to bows to anything that was anti-boy.
I didn't realize my sub-conscience effort in being as girly as possible, to differentiate myself of course.
I did not want to be a tomboy and neither did my mothers (grandmother and godmother included).
It wasn't until recently that I started to really enjoy the comforts that came with dressing like my male counterparts.
Slouchy shapes, minimal color, nothing frilly or over the top. 
I tried boyfriend jeans...and the boyfriend blazer which surprisingly are my two favorite wardrobe essentials as of right now.
The boyfriend coat was on my list of must have items for Fall 14.
This particular one from Lucca Couture is the perfect oatmeal color.
Love the roomyness and Olsen-esq quality that comes with this style.
Wore it subtly over an all black ensemble and Gap hat purchased from the little girls section…
Hey, if the hat fits!


wearing: coat - c/o lucca couture, heels - zara, jeans and t-shirt - c/o stylemint, hat - gap



  1. I'm loving that coat

  2. awesome!! ;-))

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