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January 13, 2015

Ro and De Giveaway Outfit 2

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I'm going full speed with looks this week...
To not only keep you inspired but to finish off this amazing Ro and De Vest Dress Giveaway.
For my second look I wanted to take what is consider a dress and wear it as a vest.
I layered a blanket scarf found during the semi-annual Zara sale, over the vest with a basic blouse underneath that.

For me vests are the must-have item for 2015...
I have about five different colors and am looking to stock up on more! 
It's a great way to look polished and add depth to your outfit.
Plus, it sets you apart from everyone who is wearing a standard blazer.

You can win this item and start you vest journey...
To Enter to win this Ro and De Vest, Simply:

1. Follow @roandde on Instagram
2. Follow @stilettobeatss on Instagram
3. Leave a comment here tagging three friends!


wearing: vest - c/o ro and de, jeans - c/o lucky brand, scarf - zara, blouse - c/o piperlime, heels - schutz, sunglasses - rayban


  1. Wow! Such a great, monochromatic outfit! I like your vest and shoes very much!

  2. so great ;-)


    new post

  3. I love your vest and scarf

  4. Loving your scarf worn as a cape. It goes so well with the vest!

    Liz Lizo
    Vogued Out

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