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March 09, 2015

Blush Lace and Archways

 photo stilettobeats_dailylook_blush_lace_nudeskirt_samedelman_leopard_3_zpskntaevxd.jpg  photo stilettobeats_dailylook_blush_lace_nudeskirt_samedelman_leopard_6_zpsn7qzj37z.jpg  photo stilettobeats_dailylook_blush_lace_nudeskirt_samedelman_leopard_2_zpsyfdcz0ls.jpg  photo stilettobeats_dailylook_blush_lace_nudeskirt_samedelman_leopard_zps4oijifga.jpg  photo stilettobeats_dailylook_blush_lace_nudeskirt_samedelman_leopard_7_zpsssyvyhb0.jpg  photo stilettobeats_dailylook_blush_lace_nudeskirt_samedelman_leopard_5_zpsvrp8vwjy.jpg  photo stilettobeats_dailylook_blush_lace_nudeskirt_samedelman_leopard_9_zpsmtapo3fq.jpg  photo stilettobeats_dailylook_blush_lace_nudeskirt_samedelman_leopard_4_zpsmjc33f0p.jpg  photo stilettobeats_dailylook_blush_lace_nudeskirt_samedelman_leopard_8_zpsrsjuupfd.jpg

The weekend in Los Angeles was so lovely...
Beachin' in March is not too shabby if you ask me.
I personally didn't head to the coast but I did head to my old stomping grounds...
Glendale, CA.
It's a pretty amazing city located just 20 minutes from Downtown LA.
The shopping alone is phenomenal, if you ever visit I highly suggest hoping over to the Americana to do some damage. 

Emin and I headed to Brand Park a historic landmark to shoot this pretty in pink look.
I've shot here a ton of times before but each time is different.
The lighting posed a challenge on Saturday but we conquered it together!
I know, hashtag cheesy.

I always feel a bit nostalgic when I come here.
I don't live far from the area but for some reason I avoid it.
It's nice to drive around the place you grew up once in awhile but SO much has changed.
Including myself...
I'm going to turn 27 in less than a month marking my almost 10 Year High School Reunion!
Time flies when you're hustling and of course having fun along the way.

Also wanted to note before I head off to tackle my Monday...
That these Sam Edelman leopard pumps are fabulous!
I had been on the hunt for the perfect leopard heel and I found them.
F I N A L L Y!


wearing: skirt - c/o dailylook, top - c/o azalea, heels - sam edelman, sunglasses -c/o triple graces



  1. Love everything about this outfit!!
    || D I A N A ||

  2. You look stunning in this feminine and romantic outfit! Love your top and sunnies!

  3. your top is so pretty, I love it with the sunglasses

  4. Those sunglasses are so major on you!


  5. i am obsessed with your photos and more importantly your style! That SKIRT, that TOP, those SUNNIES...PERFECTION!



  6. Un look ideal!! GuapĂ­sima!!
    Te invito a que visites mi blog
    Un beso


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