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March 25, 2015

Lovers + Friends

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I have this new found love of traveling in California.
You would think having lived in LA for 26 years I would have got around to seeing most of it.
But, no....
I stayed in my bubble and this year I decided to pop it.
Emin and I made a promised to visit a new local-ish city once every month.
As you know this month we went to SD for a few days.
I managed to snap one outfit photo while there which I'm pretty proud of,
Being on a semi-vacation while shooting is tough!

I wore this dreamy Lovers + Friends blouse with peak-a-boo back detail and an HM faux suede skirt straight from the 70's.
Unfortunately, I had no time to iron it before shooting so I apologize for the wrinkles!
That's a major pet peeve of mine...#embarrassed.
I also got to try out these KILLER Triwa sunnies.
I know, I know every time I get a new pair of sunglasses I say they're my favorite...
But really...these are!
The shade of brown mixed with pearl is phenomenal not to mention the retro yet modern shape.
These are the Olivia in Pearl and I highly suggest checking them out!

Any suggestions on where I should go next?
Will definitely need to start doing some travel blogs!


wearing: blouse - c/o lovers+friends, skirt - hm, heels - zara, bag - coach, sunglasses - c/o triwa


  1. so nice style!! ;-)

    i invite to me too

  2. Fantastic skirt and bag! You look beautiful in this girly, casual outfit!

  3. Love this outfit !! Very 70's inspired, I went into zara the other day and say so many skirts this shale and I'm totally loving it, will Definately have to get one in my wardrobe !!

    Lovely blog, would be lovely if you could follow mine.

  4. LOVE THAT TOP! You pull it off so well! The skirt is super cute too, I gotta have it! The look from head to toe is fab, just as you are!



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