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April 13, 2015

Black and White Stripe Heels

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The hunt for a black and white stripe heel is officially over!
I guess you can say I'm a bit of a shoe freak,
Especially when I imagine a shoe in my head and it's no where to be found!
I posted on my Instagram a few weeks ago my deep desire for a black and white stripe heel,
whether it be a pump or sandal.
Thanks to my loves at Little Mistress and Paper Dolls my dreams came true.

The outfit possibilities with these bad boys are endless.
Feminine, sexy, casual...
I decided to take a boyish route with this one pairing Forever 21 black distressed boyfriend jeans with a white button up shirt.
Now, we all know the white shirt is a classic but the nice thing about fashion is that you can reinterpret and refresh your key wardrobe pieces.
I took this MissGuided Pussy bow blouse which I've worn a million times (here and here).
And omitted the bow, unbuttoned a few pieces and tied the bottom in a knot baring my midriff.
I felt like a total cool girl in this look because it was so relaxed and effortless.

Try out this little spin on a classic piece and be sure to tag me in your versions!


wearing: heels - c/o paper dolls, jeans - forever21, blouse - c/o missguided, bag - vince



  1. You look absolutely stunning in this super cool outfit! Trashed black jeans are amazing, I might have to get one pair for myself. :)

  2. I just love everything with black and white stripes - great shoes!

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  4. You look just amazing in this outfits! I love heels. Check out the reviews you might be interested.


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