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June 03, 2015

Be Different

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I would have been a much happier teenager had I known that being different was a good thing. It took me years to really understand this concept. Growing up I wasn't overly awkward or special but I did feel very different than all the other kids around me. I definitely went through a tough two years in High School and only blossomed as a Senior where I slowly started to gain the confidence I so rightly deserved to have.

As a 27 year old woman (a line I seem to say a lot - haha) being different is what has brought me to where I am at today. I am by no means a "success" story but the tiny things that made me peculiar as a child have helped me achieve some amazing goals. 
And I am forever thankful for being weird.

Now, you're probably wondering what this is all about and to be honest it was just a thought that popped into my head while wearing this outfit. I wore this look to a baby shower with Emin over the weekend and in a sea of pastel body-con dresses I stood out. I only noticed this when a girl stormed up to me from across the yard and told me I had the most killer outfit there.
I stood back and realized how different I looked than everyone else. be made me smile. 

Being different and standing out amongst the crowd is what gets people places.
So I strongly urge you to celebrate your inner weirdo! 


wearing: top - c/o MissGuided, pants - Shop Tobi, sunglasses - Quay Australia, Heels - c/o MissGuided, bag - Vince



  1. You look so great. This look reminds me a lot of the 50s.
    x Fiona

  2. Wow! You look incredible! Fantastic top and sunnies, so chic and stylish pieces.

  3. so pretty style! ;-)

    new post

  4. Beautiful, Emily! I love the photos, the outfit, and the sentiment.


  5. Great blog:) I love your look!

  6. Love this look! The white pants look lovely on you! xx
    Flaunt and Center 

  7. Just stunning, and adoring this look.

    Berty Morales
    Mad For Fashion For Less


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