Florals in the neighboring neighborhood.
That is what this post is all about.
I decided to add a little boho meets 90’s Blossom vibe over the weekend because to be quite honest with you I missed floral print!
This MinkPink number came into my life via Maven Boutique and I have worn it well over 3 times in  a week.
Major fashion no-no or just slightly obsessed?
I won’t take this beautiful print for granted any longer because it can be worn and interpreted in many different ways.
Floral does not need to translate into overly done hippie.
It’s all up to you in the way you style and wear it.

I also found that I missed the neighborhood vibe from my archived posts.
I shy away from green backgrounds and suburban streets because I feel it dimensions the quality and credibility of my blog.
Odd? I know!
It was just a thought that entered into my brain months ago and has not left.
Emin and I took the long way home from Pasadena and ended up in this beautiful tree-lined street.
Mansions on both sides with four car garages and guest houses the size of my current real house.
We stepped out of the car and had some fun in the cool shade.
I didn’t think I’d like the photos but it fit in perfectly with the floral print I had taken for granted so long ago.


wearing: dress – MinkPink c/o Maven Boutique, heels and sunglasses – c/o Missguided, bag – Vince, watch – c/o Christian Paul 

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