I love it when my outfits reflect whats going on internally.
You may have a big question mark floating above your head right now.
Say, what Emily but I’ll get into that… 
This deep v-neck dress is a new favorite of mine from Boohoo and the plunge kind of mirrors my current state.
I’ve been feeling daring and I’ve been wanting to take a leap of faith.
Take a plunge.
I’ve been taking baby steps towards my goals and my dreams but by the end of the year these baby steps will turn into frog leaps.
I can’t get into exactly what my plans are…because they will just come and I will share them with you as they transpire.
For now, let’s focus on this gorgeous, semi sexy skater dress with vertical stripes (which are extremely flattering).
Don’t forget the double stick tape with this one ladies!


wearing: dress – c/o boohoo, heels – misguided, purse – coach, necklace – c/o bling jewelry , sunglasses – c/o ivivision 

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