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August 09, 2015

How To Look Fresh Faced

Fashion has always been my thing.
But...I thought I'd give this beauty thing a go only because I felt like there were girls out there like me who would appreciate a more simplistic, realistic approach to the craft.
Now don't get me wrong, I envy makeup gurus who have the ability to flawlessly transition blue into purple and purple into red.
I mean come's an art!
But, it's an art I am not particularly good at at the moment...although I am practicing every day!
Till then...I'll be sharing tips, tricks and how to's for the everyday kinda girl.
Click the link below to watch my first makeup tutorial on how to achieve a fresh faced, pink summer look!

Product details will be listed on my YouTube Channel.



  1. so fine look = ))

    new post

  2. I always go for the fresh faced look! Wish mine could look as good as yours…totally gorgeous! xo


    adorn la femme

  3. Love that lippy! You're gorgeous!



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