DIY projects have always been a secret hobby of mine. I love thinking outside the box and taking mainstreams items and making them my own. This Au Revoir straw hat is just what I’m talking about!
Welcome to my first ever DIY post inspired by the Eugenia Kim Do Not Disturb hat seen all over the Blogger Elite. Below you will find step by step photos and instructions on how to recreate this piece…and be sure to make it your own with whatever you’d like your straw hat to say! Of course, I had to channel something French and thought that Au Revoir was so fitting for me. 
What you’ll need:
1 Straw Hat
Black faux leather cording
Hot Glue Gun
1. Outline the wording for your hat using chalk, chalk allows you to go in and “erase” with a damp towel. I would suggest using a similar color chalk to your thread…(that was the one mistake I made)!
2. Once you’re satisfied with the script you will begin to slowly hot glue the black thread on top of your outline. 
3. I suggest going inch my inch and placing the hot glue on top of the chalk, then pressing the thread on top. That way you don’t get glue everywhere or go outside the outline of the script.
4. Once the thread has been glued and cooled off. Take a damp towel and “erase” away the chalk. You can see that my chalk still shows in some areas because the glue and thread is on top of it…that’s why I suggest using a similar color to your thread so it blends in. 
5. You will then take your ribbon and measure the circumference of the hat where the bow will go. Simply cut and hot glue the ribbon around.
6. Now for the bow, cut two 4 inch mini strips, loop them around and glue to make the bunny ear portion of the ribbon.
7. Then cut two strips for the tail end of your ribbon…these strips can be however long or short you desire. Glue these to the loops to create your bow.
8. Lastly, glue your bow to the back of your hat. Make sure that your script is facing back words!
And that is it! So simple, and so cute. I hope this simple DIY is helpful and inspires you to create your own.
If you do decide to make one…please make sure to tag me in your photos so I can see.
Till then…Au Revoir!

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