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September 14, 2015



This post is a little bit different than most. I've always wanted to incorporate lifestyle shots within my outfit of the days. I'm a firm believer that sometimes what makes a great image is the backdrop. 
One of my favorite places in LA is the Echo Park Lake. Situated in the middle of the bustling LA city is this little peace of heaven. Water lilies line the perimeter while ducks quack by. There is a path around the lake where you can find bikers, runners and strollers enjoying some ice cream. There's also a quaint little cafe and you can rent paddle boats for some fun in the So Cal sun. I personally love grabbing a good book, a blanket and enjoying some R&R under the willow trees.
I hope I've painted a pretty picture but words really do it no justice.

Emin and I spent some time there over the weekend and I decided to take full advantage of the scenery. I wore a sexy meets summery matching set from Lookbook Store. I love the powder blue and white stripes and of course the tie up crop top. I clearly can't let go of summer! But my favorite thing about this look is my custom made straw hat. For those of you in the Instagram/Fashion world you may have seen the Eugenia Kim Do Not Disturb "IT" hat of the season. Seen on the blogger elite like Atlantic Pacific and Margo and Me I definitely wanted to get my hands on one! But of course I was late to party and it was sold out everywhere. So, I decided to take inspiration and make my own version.
Here is a little sneak peak of my Au Revoir hat.

I'll be posting my first DIY on this piece later this week so stay tuned!
Till then I hope you enjoy this look, this location and all the love I hope to spread with every one of my photos.


wearing: matching set - c/o Lookbook Store (skirt, top), hat - Urban Outfitters (I gave it a little spin but more coming later!)



  1. This is such a feminine and Parisienne chic outfit!!! Your hat is so unique and I'm SO envying your gorgeous hair! :)

  2. this look is so cute, I love your hat

  3. So gorgeous! Can't get enough of that skirt/top combo <3

    Cec || Dearest Lou

  4. You look amazing as usual babe! Love love love the print. So chic!!

    IMAN |


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