One of the first makeup brands I ever used was Clinique. I vividly remember my obsession with a nude wooden lip crayon which I used till I could no longer sharpen the tip. Clinique holds a special place in my heart. 

Which brings me to today and my continued obsession with the brand…most recently because of their new online editorial platform The Wink! The website just went live today and I can already foresee the hours spent browsing and getting lost in the pages. I am an avid beauty junkie, not in the aspirational professional make up artist way but in the everyday girl kind of way. I love new products and fresh how-to articles that I can actually use in my daily life, the “3 Steps To” category on The Wink is going to be my new best friend! They currently have the 3 Steps to Clear Pores feature which I will be implementing ASAP.
The Wink also provides an amazing blend of beauty and lifestyle. The “24 Hours With” articles will feature an Influencer and her guide to her perfect day in her favorite city. I am constantly searching for new restaurants and activities held in my own city and it will be such an amazing resource for when I’m traveling. Up first is Grace Lam Contributing Fashion Editor at Vogue China. She outlines her favorite parts of Hong Kong
I’ve come a long way since my days with the wooden lip crayon and naturally my beauty favorites have changed since I was 13. My current Clinique fave is their Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara! I love the thickness and volume it gives me with out getting clumpy or unnatural looking! 
Be sure to check out The Wink and let me know what your favorite stories were! 

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