Oh the holidays. It’s been a crazy one hasn’t it? I find that with each year the Holidays get more and more hectic. Presents, wrapping, parties…it’s exhilarating actually! 
I’ve had my fair share of meltdown moments (who hasn’t?) and I’m here to share my Five Holiday Survival Must-Haves with Hanes to get you through the season! 
1. Comfy Party Shoes – I think we can all agree that a pair of comfortable party shoes are essential. With all the ladies gathered in the kitchen prepping the food and setting the table. It’s important to look nice and feel good! I suggest going with a pair that has ankle straps and a semi-stacked heel for extra support. 
2. Hanes Hosiery – The only place in the world that is warm during the holiday season is Australia and California for the most part, but we have been experiencing extremely cold nights and Hanes Hosiery saves me every time! If you didn’t already know I’m a fan of skirts and dresses but bare legs in December are an absolute no for me. I love the fit of the Hanes Women’s Firm Control Power Shapers, they tuck me in in all the right places, smoothing out my tummy and hips for a flattering fit. I love wearing these underneath tight midi skirts and even flowy dresses for that extra sleek silhouette. Also, how chic are they? I feel like a total lady with these on! 
 3. A tumbler filled with Coffee – This is probably my number one tip. You need to be alert, on your toes and on the go! Having a cute holiday tumbler filled with your favorite cup of coffee is a must to have you feeling like the energizer bunny! 
4. Emergency gift wrapping – Odd you make think but having an emergency stash of wrapping paper and ribbons in your car is a holiday survival kit if I ever knew one! You might have to run out for an impromptu gift on your way to the party and having that stash will save you time and effort. For an extra step keep a pair of scissors and tape with you as well! 
5. Day-to-Night Coat – The day-to-night coat is great for those hoping house to house. You may start off for Breakfast at your grandmas and end up at your friends White Elephant party at night. Having a coat that has detachable fur makes it easy to go from casual to upscale in a second! 
What are some of your holidays survival tips? I would LOVE to know because…well…you can never be overly prepared this season!


Thank you Hanes for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% and completely my own. 

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