It’s been awhile since I took a moment for myself. I planned to have a calm and relaxing 2016 but then Emin proposed and things started to unfold faster than I could blink! You may be wondering where I have been? My days have been filled with family gatherings, wedding vendor appointments and figuring out what to do with Emin’s place when I move in. Yup, we are moving in together in just a few weeks and we have to clean, paint and prep the place for the hurricane that is Emily. My head seems to be in a million places and I’m sorry for the lack of outfit posts! I promise I will be coming back better than ever covering home decor, beauty and DIY (particularly excited about this category!)
Until I get situated things will be slow but on the plus side I update my Instagram 2-3 times a day so you can always follow me there for some Stiletto Beats fixin’. On another note, I did shoot this outfit with Emin over the weekend. We actually met up with an old photographer friend of mine, Reese, to go over some tips and tricks for better photos! We also had an impromptu shoot and I realized that Emin and I are going to have the hardest time being serious in our photo sessions! I mean when you’re play fighting and strutting with a goofball it’s hard to keep your composure!
Love you guys and thanks for staying tuned during this cray cray time.

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