I’m a firm believer that monthly spa days are a must. I mean what better way to wind down the stress of the work week than with a day filled with pampering? This past weekend I was kindly invited to The Langham Hotel in Pasadena to enjoy their signature Champagne Facial. The offer could not have come at a better time, my face had recently broken out in cystic acne due to an extreme amount of stress and anxiety. Suffering from anxiety, the kind that creeps up on you out of nowhere, has been a hidden struggle of mine and one that I do not speak about often. My days are generally great but some weeks (especially as of late) have been tough, balancing all aspects of my life. I knew that this was exactly what I needed not only for my skin but also for some peace of mind!
The Chuan Spa was a dream: quite, serene and absolutely luxurious. I checked in and was led through a dimly lit hallway to the ladies locker room where I stored my things. I met my sweet aesthetician Samantha outside and she led me to my room. I instantly melted into the warm bed and let Samantha do her magic. Now, I don’t know the exact products and techniques that were used because I wanted to take in the whole experience but there were a few things I kept in mind to share. One was the way Samantha examined my skin and let me know exactly what my issue was – deep, deep pores! She said I had a lot of oil build up which was causing my pores to get bigger each day. She left a steamer on my face as she went through the process of cleansing, exfoliating and extracting all the gunk (for a lack of a better word!). I especially loved an effervescent foam cleanser she put on my skin before extraction and also the NuFace microcurrent technology that she incorporated into the facial massage. It was a rolling like tool that got the blood flowing and definitely plumped up the skin! I left Chuan Spa glowing with the softest I have ever felt!
Emin and I then enjoyed brunch at The Terrace overlooking the pool and walked around the grounds taking in the beauty of this place – it’s truly majestic! We decided to book two rooms for the day of our wedding here and I can hardly wait…
Thank you to The Langham Hotel for your hospitality and a day well spent!
wearing: Dress – c/o Windsor, Sandals – Target, Bag – c/o Azalea,  Hat – Brixton, Sunglasses – Urban Outfitters

*Please note I could not take photos inside spa in order to respect the privacy of others

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