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June 02, 2016

Parisian Inspired with XOXO

I’m continuously amazed by this beautiful world and all that there is to discover and see, even right in your backyard! I took sometime over the weekend and decided to explore one of LA’s most treasured destinations, The Beverly Hills Hotel. This pink oasis is a girly-girls dream with pink walls around every corner, palm tree wallpaper lining the hallways and the loveliest of restaurants and cafes. I couldn’t believe it took me 28 years to visit! A must see for tourists and LA natives alike!

I wanted to channel a Parisian-esq vibe with my outfit that day and decided to don a full XOXO look. I am a huge sucker for bows and ruffles so you could just imagine my excitement over this blouse. A perfect sleeveless number that fed my love for all things feminine and dainty. I paired it with a black skort that immediately reminded me of Grade School. Skorts were my thing as a young girl, you would never find me not wearing one! Lastly, I wanted to keep my feet comfy for all the walking I was about to do. I went with nude XOXO wedges that have soon become a favorite Summer pair.

Are there any hidden gems in your city? Things you are hoping to discover? I hope this post inspires you to find adventure wherever you are!


Most of these XOXO items are now available but stay tuned for the beautiful blouse coming soon! 


  1. so pretty style!! ;-))

    i invite to me too

  2. Superb!!! I'm loving your outfit and how chic and classy it is, so Parisienne elegant. :)

  3. Love a classic black and white outfit, that blouse is lovely and the bow necklace looks great.

    Away From The Blue Blog


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