Brunchin’ and lunchin’ – it’s what Jenna and I do best. Living in LA gives us the opportunity to wake up every morning and drive to a new lunch spot. Whether it’s the ambiance or menu that has coming back for more is of course entirely up to the restaurant but a place we visit time and time again is Olive & Thyme. Situated in the Burbank area, Olive & Thyme is a bright, airy eatery with the best marble tabletops ever! And for a blogger like me you know white tabletops are a must…if only for that Instagram shot! I personally love their Avocado toast, both in their breakfast and lunch menus. Jenna always gravitates toward a kale salad which is equally as delicious!
We recently visited and had a quick bite to eat, discussing our business plans and what we hope to achieve by years end. Living in two places (as most of you know I am not completely moved into Emin’s apartment yet) always leaves room for error and forgetting things! I grabbed my Vince handbag which did not have my wallet in it and dashed out the door. Luckily, Jenna had her card and paid for the lunch. I had been using Venmo to pay back friends and family for things here and there but recently discovered a new app through a friend, Square Cash. What I love most is that Square Cash is the only app of its kind to provide an instant transfer for only 1%. I sat at our table and transferred the $15 I owed Jenna and she instantly received it, right then and there! I also appreciate the clean, minimal design which makes it easy to use and understand. It’s a totally life saver! Highly suggest it compared to it’s competitors and I am not just saying that! Also, highly suggest Olive & Thyme for those of you who are new to LA or LA-ians but have never tried it! You must!
This post is sponsored by Square Cash. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that support this blog.


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