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September 06, 2016

Stiletto Home, The Cloffice

Believe it or not interior design was my first love. I remember spending countless hours watching TLC with my mom Trading Spaces, Extreme Makeover Home Edition and more. I wanted to go to school for interior design but in the end choose fashion instead.

I've lived with my parents all my life, even as a college student so I never had the opportunity to create a space that was my own...until now. After Emin proposed to me the conversation of moving into his place became a reality and I knew I wanted to turn one of the two bedrooms into a cloffice. You may be wondering what a cloffice is...well it's a closet + office space. A room that functions as both. I needed more organization, shelves and racks to neatly display all my stuff and a place that I could work in.

I first started by painting the room a crisp white. White rooms are a blank canvas, they allow you to play with furniture and decor as you please. With all my clothes, shoes and bags I knew that white was the way to go. The space is small but I optimized every inch using racks and shelves of different sizes and creating "sections". I went into it not knowing the floor plan or even an idea. I simply began by purchasing items and moving them around in the space to figure out what worked and what didn't. Most of the items I purchased were from Ikea or Target, cost efficiency was definitely a factor because the apartment is temporary till we get married.

Below is a detailed list with links to (almost) every item I purchased or similar ones I've found for you. I hope this helps and inspires the interior design bug in you! It feels so amazing to be organized and have a space where I can escape to.

White Racks, similar Here and Here
Faux Fur Rugs, similar here and here
Framebridge Instagram Frames (seen above racks)

Baskets, similar here and here
Mirror, similar here and here

Desk (purchased from close out sale), similar here and here




  1. so amazing!! :)))


    i invite to me too

  2. Great use of space girl! - Roxanne West xo

  3. Oh wow!! You have a dreamy office/ closet!!! Beautiful! You did great job!

  4. I love interior designing as well! this space came out beautifully. and so clean and fresh!

  5. This is such a dreamy space Emily ! I love how it turned out! it's airy, bright and so inspiring!

    xo, Josie

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  7. this office is such an inspiration! thank you for sharing and I can't wait to update my home office like this :)

  8. Everything about your cloffice is what I aspire to have! 😍 it's too perfect! Our second bedroom is a nursery now, but hopefully our next place will have another room that I can use to create my own cloffice!

    Kirsten x


  9. Your place is beautifully done. I also have a bedroom turned office and wish I could get it to look this beautiful! Can't wait to see what you do once you're in your more permanent space :)

  10. Didn't I dreamt about a closet like this once?? I have to say that you created an amazing space. I'm jealous about your cloffice (in the good way). You did a great job, I really love it!!

  11. Amazing photos ! Love your wardrobe. So chic.

  12. This is the definition of goals and what my dreams are made off! It looks beautiful and I would be 100% more motivated to work if I had that as my office!

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  13. SOOOO perfect!!!!! Exactly what I want my future office (cloffice) to look like. :)

  14. Thanks for the inspo!! I'm about to turn my second bedroom into a closet and these are great ideas! xx

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  17. Hey! I'm organizing my room and I've been trying to think of a creative way to organize my hats.

    Where did you buy the stuff to do your hat organizer? I would love to know!

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