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August 01, 2017

Five Flowy Floral Dresses for Summer

Stefanie, the photographer behind this beautiful shoot said it best..."This looks like it's straight out of a Free People ad". 
About a month ago I hiked (or should I say rock climbed) my way up a majestic mountain to a swing hung from a tree. We shot here for a few hrs...swinging, twirling and enjoying the crisp morning air. Everything was so quite and serene except for a cow mooing in the far distance. 
This entry reminds me of my blog posts from when I first started this StilettoBeats journey. Stylized, location photos that were more than just the every day shot. I forgot how much I enjoyed capturing these types of snaps and it was utterly refreshing to get back to what this once was.
With every post comes outfit inspo and I hope to inspire you always...with everything...from my words, to my stories and of course my looks. I scoured the internet to find five flowy dresses that are perfect for Summer and will instantly teleport you to a Free People ad.

Shot by Stefanie Marie
White Face Trail


  1. so amazing!! = )))


    i invite to me too

  2. Lovely outfit and pictures!

  3. Everything looks so romantic and dreamy here! Beautiful lady!

  4. Such a beautiful blog post! The photos and location are so pretty! I love the outfit choices with the braid too!!!

  5. Such a gorgeous shoot! So glad you're feeling like you're getting back into the swing of things, because we're so glad to have you!

  6. This dress is such perfection with that hairstyle!


  7. Where were these photos taken? 😍😍😍


Thank you so very much for all your comments they mean the world to me! Keep spreading the love and inspiration. xo ejc

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