Now, I never thought I would say this but I have a thing for fanny packs. Yup, even that trend has made it’s way back! But this time it’s getting a little bit of an update…enter The Belt Bag. What I believe will be springs hottest bag trend.

I started to see this bag pop up early last year…most notably with the Gucci style seen on top style bloggers. I thought it was super unique and loved the fact that it doubled as a bag…and a belt. I mean, genius.

What I love most is how handsfree it is…literally! It’s as if you are not even carrying a bag at all! So much weight lifted off your shoulders (no pun intended). It’s AMAZING for travel and super chic when worn with a blazer cinched at the waist.

I own three already – one vintage Louis Vuitton, this Tory Burch and an everyday one from Forever 21! I seriously hope you all consider purchasing one too…step out of your comfort zone and try something a little different. I’ve linked some amazing options below!

Please note: I purchased this Tory Burch bag off a resale app. It is older style. 

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