I received so many messages yesterday regarding my post about anxiety. The fact that 100+ people responded with detailed tips and personal battles was humbling to say the least. I can’t say thank you enough, seriously. You guys helped me out so much…and I guess that’s what sparked this post. We’re all in it together and if your tips can help someone else out…well then that’s a beautiful world we live in. 

Before I jump into the many ways to deal with anxiety I wanted to give a little insight into mine. I don’t suffer from severe anxiety and I don’t get it often (at least not anymore). Mine is sparked by a few different things. The first (and main) one being that I always need to be busy with a laundry list of things to do…from blog work, to personal matters and more. I know, we are all busy, all the time. But, I had an insanely jam packed weekend which really sparked my frantic state. My busy life went from a comfortable level I could handle to an uncomfortable one. And after the weekend had ended I woke up Monday feeling that anxiety and heaviness in my body. Another reason for my anxiety is coffee…and alcohol. After a weekend of partying I always wake up on Monday feeling like it’s doomsday. I actually didn’t realize this till one of you sent a DM to me and I really sat down and thought about it. And lastly, my anxiety stems from overly thinking about the past, present and future. I sometimes get so wrapped up in my thoughts of what was, what is and what will be that I freak myself out. Where am I going? What will I be? Am I good enough? these questions creep up into my head and really make my anxiety come out.I only identified all these anxiety trigger points last night and because so many of you told me to really think about where it comes from. I summarized all your tips and suggestions into a few main points below:

  1. EXERCISE:get some cardio in, run it out, box it out, sweat it out.
  1. MEDITATE:there are tons of apps for meditation but the top ones suggested wereHeadspace and Unwind. Do this first thing in the morning to clear your mind.
  1. DEEP BREATHING:focus on your breath and stay present. Breath in for 6 counts, hold it in for 2 and let it out for 4, slowly through your nose. – @bigappetitepetitekitchen
  1. CBD OIL:both@Taylranne and @shhtephs suggested to add a drop of CBD oil in your morning tea or juice, brand Charlotte’s Web.
  1. ESSENTIAL OILS:specifically lavender, rub some on your temples and wrists.
  1. MAGNESIUM CALM or NATURE CALM:all natural powder to add to your morning tea.
  1. GO OUT IN NATURE, GO FOR A WALK…leave your phone at home while doing this.
  1. TALK TO SOMEONE:either a. about your feelings or b. about other things to get your mind off of it.
  1. MAKE A LIST: tackle things one at a time, write the simplest things like: wash dishes, take out trash and cross them off one by one.
  1. SAYING A MANTRA:pick a saying that is powerful and calms you down and keep saying it in your head over and over“this feeling cannot steal your joy”.

I also wanted to provide quotes from some of your DM’s…you guys are amazing souls and I am eternally grateful for you!

“Taking time or self care. Usually you have to wait out the anxiety but doing things that make you feel a little better: sheet mask, fuzzy socks, taking a walk to a coffee shop.” – @emilykaitlynkraus

“Try and get out for a walk somewhere that really amazes you that you can’t believe its real! Do something out of your way for someone else!” – @ellepearls

“Practice mindfulness and deep breathing. Focus your thoughts only on your breathing. Spend time to yourself.” @alexxis.mendez

“Take one task at a time and don’t over think on the big picture. Focus your energy on “okay right now worry about this for this long, complete task, and then focus on the next.” @gabrielle_marie_

“Yoga, meditation and reminding myself to be present and grateful.” – @lucy_page

“Try to focus on what it is you need to accomplish and let that lead you through the day. Don’t let your anxiety overthrow the goals you have.” – @hannzsolow

“Getting out and being around other people. Going to the gym and listeing to a podcast. repeating: “this feeling cannot steal your joy” – @shannieb87

“Go out in nature – beach, mountains forest. Write down a list of things you are grateful for

The secret by Rhonda Byrne is a good book to read.” – @helenontiv

“Take in chamomile tea every night relaxes muscles and wake up feeling refreshed and focused. Magnesium CALM” – @suzysogoyan

“Try to figure out the root of your problem and take steps to fix it. Also going out for a walk helps to get some fresh air and help figure it out.” – @_priscillaespinoza

“Keep your heart under control by focusing on my breathing. Focus on what makes you feel happy. Try to ask yourself what is making you feel uncomfortable and if you still cant find an answer try to focus on the happy.” – @deeneize

“Essential oils, lavender, play healing frequencies in the background through your day, vitamin d, fresh air, don’t beat yourself up over it! Love yourself.” – @hudsonkellyx

photos by Enzie

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