It’s Valentine’s Week on the blog and I love having any excuse to celebrate love (although we should celebrate it everyday!). With my 30 years of existence I have had my fair share of Valentine’s Day Dates…everything from “Will you hold my hand” written on a Spiderman V-Day card in 3rd grade to getting surprised with the most giant bear in high school to the classic Valentine’s Day Dinner. Been there…done that!
I guess as you get older you search for a few specific things in V-Day dates or dates in general…
1. Simplicity. Doing everyday things always wins…especially for married couples. You don’t need to write I love you in the clouds to show your about washing the dishes?
2. Creativity. Step outside your comfort zone and do something different. It’s a special day so celebrate in an unconventional way.
I wanted to share five unique Valentine’s Day Date ideas that are either the simplest of dates or super creative! Read on to have an amazing date…
1. Camp Indoors – I know…sounds silly but it’s super cute and super fun. Set up an actual tent with your pillows and blankets, get out a bunch of munchies, turn off the lights and camp. No TV, no bed, just you two on the floor being kids again.
2. Go on a Hike – You know the saying “Couples that work out together, stay together” ok well I hate that saying but it totally applies here! Skip the expensive, pre-set dinner and find a hike neither of you have done before. Get out and explore!
3. Create some Art – Have a glass of wine (or your choice of alcohol) and get out those paint brushes! I’ve actually had a wine paint party and it was the best ever! If you don’t want to paint, create collage moodboards of what your ideal year looks like. Cut out travel destinations, quotes, etc. get inspired together!
4. Couples Massage in your Living Room  – This sounds like absolute heaven to me…you don’t have to go anywhere! Book a couples massage in your living room. Companies like Zeel and Soothe offer these incredible services. Order take-out and pamper yourself.
5. Give Back – Find an organization you both care about and spend the day giving back. Shelters, pet-adoptions and hospitals can all use a helping hand. Instead of showering each other in love, shower those in need.
 photos by Enzie

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