Over the past few months, I’ve been sharing a lot of realness on my Instagram and blog. Just striping away the layers and being honest with you guys! One of the things I addressed was the fact that I had done fillers in the past. To my surprise, you guys were really interested in hearing about my experience so here it is! Bare with me, this post is a little long but, I really wanted to dive into my personal experience.

Lips and laugh lines Pre Fillers

First off, I want to mention this post is not meant to persuade anyone into using fillers. I am writing this post to share tips and what to expect when using fillers for those who have expressed interest in these types of treatments. I firmly believe we are all beautiful in our own skin but, there is also no shame in taking care of your skin the way that fits you! Just to give you guys a bit of a background I have done fillers (specifically Juvederm) a handful of times from about the age of 23 (P.S I’m turning 30 in a week!). I started at this age because I felt extremely self-conscious and insecure about my laugh lines. Laugh lines are the indents/wrinkles that form around your mouth from smiling/laughing. I had these lines since I was a little girl…it was just part of my facial structure but as I got older the lines started to get deeper. I also disliked my lips because they were very un-proportional. My bottom lip was full and actually quite big but my top lip was a thin line. I used fillers to make small corrections not to change my entire face/look and highly suggest that approach!

After doing it a handful of times at different locations I started to notice another indent forming between my laugh line and my lip. I also hated the way my top lip was full JUST around the border. I visited Cosmetic Injectables Center last week to fix some of these areas and I am SO pleased with the results!

Dr.Soleiman first asked me to point out and describe my issues. After hearing me out she told me exactly what was happening with the soft tissue on my cheek and laugh line fillers from the past. I was also extremely disappointed in the way my top lip was turning out, my lips had been filled mainly in the border so there was this odd look to them.

She used the thinnest needle which didn’t hurt AT ALL and said no to numbing cream because it actually swells the area which it’s applied to! She drew markers on my face where she would inject and talked through everything she was doing and why. She also used a Juvederm-Saline mix to thin out the product! I’m seriously blown away by how well Cosmetic Injectables Center fixed my pain points and I left with not one single bruise or major swelling.

I know some of you who wanted this post are interested in getting injectables yourself. Here are some personal tips and things I’ve done in the past!

1 – Start S L O W

I started at the age of 23 and started off slow…meaning on the first visit I only used 1/2 syringe of Juvederm. I highly suggest starting off slow because you can build the product and create a natural look over a period of time. If you walk in with extremely thin lips and get 1 – 2 full syringes the end result is going to be unnatural and obvious.

2 – Be realistic with your results

I say this from experience. You can not majorly alter the shape of your lips. For example, I love round, pursed lips that are full and flat. I have very wide lips with a droopy bottom. I could never really get the round pursed lips that I want even with fillers. When going to get your lips done find example photos of lip shapes that are similar to yours!

3 – Don’t use numbing cream

I learned this at Cosmetic Injectables Center, numbing creme swells up the area and you don’t really want to swell anything up before you inject it! Of course, Drs know how much Fillers to put but this can lead to false before and afters. It’s best to deal with the slight pain.

4 – Take/Apply Arnica

After my procedure Dr. Soleiman quickly applied some Arnica cream to my lips and laugh lines. I think this greatly helped reduce the swelling and bruising! You can also take pills before and after to avoid looking blue and purple.

5 – Go with a Recommendation

Do you research before you walk into any old office! Every doctor has a style so find work done by someone whos style you like. Recommendations are vital because trust me there are tons of people out there doing injections who don’t know what they are doing! I highly recommend Cosmetic Injectables Center…of the 5 or so places I have gone this was the best by far.

I used one syringe of Juvederm Ultra Plus XC, the price at Cosmetic Injectables Center is $495!

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