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My name is Emily Jenny Cholakian, otherwise known as EJC.
I started Stiletto Beats in the Spring of 09 for a journalism class and fell in love with the idea of having a platform to document my daily outfits and life.
Fashion and writing are my two biggest passions and I hope that whoever reads my blog
resonates with my message...

Live to Inspire
Inspire to Live.

What is Stiletto Beats?
Stiletto Beats is my fashion diary dedicated to anyone 
who has experienced the happiness that comes from the perfect pair of shoes 
or the perfect song on a not so perfect day.


  1. Very well said EMILY, i love your blog!

    & i'm almost sure you will make it above and beyond your dreams, you could just tell when a person is very passionate about what they wanna do! CHEERS! <3

    your fellow Follower <3

  2. Hi Emily,

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    Based in Los Angeles, Articles of Society uses the same high-quality fabrics, fit standards and craftmanship as its contenders, whose jeans retail for up to four times the AOS price. Articles of Society jeans can be found online, as well as nationwide at Nordstrom and other huge retailers for about $55 a pair.

    The AOS designers are always seeking unique, fashionable and trend-conscious bloggers with substantial followings, so I wanted to see if you had interest in receiving a pair of denim in exchange for a Stiletto Beats site feature or social media shout-out. I think your readers would love the concept of highly versatile, premium denim that doesn't break the bank, and you’ll see just how fun and easy it is to style these jeans!

    The brand's Spring 2015 collection boasts a variety of iconic denim in trend-conscious finishes and hues, with skinny, flared and cropped fits. For more brand information, the brand’s online store, and a guide to specific styles and washes, visit www.articlesofsociety.com.

    If you're interested in receiving some AOS jeans for review, let us know your denim size and shipping address so we can create a special gift package to send your way. If you have other ideas for sharing AOS with your audience, or would be interested in participating in our Share A Pair blogger styling series, let us know and we would be happy to provide you with further details.

    Looking forward to your response, thanks Emily!

  3. How old are you ? Random but just curious lol

  4. We love your looks, and thanks for the dedication! (we know the feeling) Xx

  5. Awwe, this is my first time on your page! I love how you added a Quotes section. You inspire me! XOXO-Kris


Thank you so very much for all your comments they mean the world to me! Keep spreading the love and inspiration. xo ejc

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