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June 24, 2015

The Summer Essentials Lyst

With the first day of Summer right behind us I thought it would be fitting to share with all of you my chic summer essentials Lyst.
Now, you may be wondering why I spelled list with a y.
Lyst is actually one of my favorite shopping websites to date!
I started using it years ago in the beginning stages of StilettoBeats and was lucky enough to be picked as a featured user.
Lyst is a platform which allows you to create and curate items you are eyeing on the web.
You then can chose specific titles and lists to store and manage your virtual "dream closet".
One of my favorite features is the search bar, you literally type in "nude chunky platform heels" and Lyst pulls items from the web that fit that description.
And the best part? 
You can modify your search based on price, store and even designers.
I don't know about you guys but I am always bookmarking things I want to buy and it's an easy way to keep track of that in one place.
They also provide related items when you click on a specific piece and if something is on sale...its written in red on the title.
Hello, lifesaver!

My summer essentials Lyst is all about embroidery, the color white and touches of chic.
My dress was inspired by Santorini and the beautiful white and blue architecture.
I paired that color palette with trendy pieces like a white backpack which is a MUST this summer and nude platform heels.
This look is all about that island life meets city girl!

Join me on all the LYST fun and be sure to comment below with your LYST account so I can follow back!


wearing: dress - HM, heels - Chinese Laundry, backpack - c/o Deux lux, sunglasses - Zara



  1. Looking beautiful in this summertime, boho outfit! Your sunnies are so cool!

  2. cute look ; >>

    new post

  3. Absolutely stunning and adoring this entire look! Just perfect for the Summer!

    Berty Morales
    Mad For Fashion For Less

    1. White is a no brainer! Thanks you for all the love.


  4. You look just beautiful! Love your heels!

    1. Thanks Kathleen! They are so hard to walk in but worth it!


  5. your dress is so pretty, I love the details


  6. The content of this article is really mind boggling.


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