Saturday, April 18

Striped Azalea Romper

 photo stripe_romper_azaleasf_ootd_stilettobeats_aldo_fringebag_2_zps9h0va3hy.jpg  photo stripe_romper_azaleasf_ootd_stilettobeats_aldo_fringebag_3_zpsmvdr5m3h.jpg  photo stripe_romper_azaleasf_ootd_stilettobeats_aldo_fringebag_7_zpsbfff5lik.jpg  photo stripe_romper_azaleasf_ootd_stilettobeats_aldo_fringebag_9_zpsrrqb6zqm.jpg  photo stripe_romper_azaleasf_ootd_stilettobeats_aldo_fringebag_4_zpspahfer4f.jpg  photo stripe_romper_azaleasf_ootd_stilettobeats_aldo_fringebag_6_zpsbu79ag8k.jpg  photo stripe_romper_azaleasf_ootd_stilettobeats_aldo_fringebag_8_zpsbiuudate.jpg  photo stripe_romper_azaleasf_ootd_stilettobeats_aldo_fringebag_zpsfakxhxlf.jpg  photo stripe_romper_azaleasf_ootd_stilettobeats_aldo_fringebag_5_zpshjnsoe4s.jpg  photo stripe_romper_azaleasf_ootd_stilettobeats_aldo_fringebag_10_zpsbdso9reo.jpg

With Festival season hot on our heels...or should I see fringe booties?
I thought it would be nice to channel that vibe into a refined festival style look.
It you look back in my archived post you'll see a lot of relaxed, hippie style outfits.
I used to be obsessed with maxi skirts, lace kimonos and loose fitting blouses.
Free People and Urban Outfitters were my two shopping destinations.

I grew out of that phase but still manage to incorporate subtle hints in my daily outfits.
These styles are now just...refined.
Fringe is not all over a kimono, but is in a classic white shoulder bag like I'm wearing here.
Same goes for floral, I used to wear the print on an entire maxi dress (eek!)
Now I wear it in a chic and sexy skirt like I did for my Birthday/Easter outfit post.

Let's be real.
I would never wear this exact look to Coachella.
Strappy heels are a major NO.
But, it's a nice rendition that stays true to who I am and combines that festival flare.

On a side note I am attempting to accessories more and bringing back that old arm stack.
Bracelets and rings are all Bling Jewelry, they have the most amazing selection of dainty gold pieces!
And the watch is via MVMT Watches, use code "STILETTOBEATSS" for $10 off your entire site! 

Love you guys, Happy Saturday! 


wearing: romper - c/o azaleasf, bag - c/o aldo, heels - missguided, hat - nastygal, sunglasses - tobi, jewelry - c/o bling jewelry, watch - c/o mvmt watches

Thursday, April 16

Adidas Tee Denim Skirt

 photo addidas_tshirt_stilettobeats_denimskirt_zps0rdpgkr8.jpg  photo addidas_tshirt_stilettobeats_denimskirt_7_zpsptswffbb.jpg  photo addidas_tshirt_stilettobeats_denimskirt_4_zpsqd3tobpj.jpg  photo addidas_tshirt_stilettobeats_denimskirt_6_zpsdxlp4iaz.jpg  photo addidas_tshirt_stilettobeats_denimskirt_8_zps4lvysylx.jpg  photo addidas_tshirt_stilettobeats_denimskirt_11_zpsd8f03z5p.jpg  photo addidas_tshirt_stilettobeats_denimskirt_10_zpsjocpcxir.jpg  photo addidas_tshirt_stilettobeats_denimskirt_5_zpsuwb2roga.jpg  photo addidas_tshirt_stilettobeats_denimskirt_3_zpsuecpdzpe.jpg  photo addidas_tshirt_stilettobeats_denimskirt_9_zpsuo3m02vo.jpg

As I'm growing into my own I've begun to appreciate styles that I never identified with in the past.
Sporty being one of them!
I was the little girl in school who dreaded P.E.
I don't have a single athletic bone in my body guys.
But, I do love classic sporty pieces like this Adidas tee.
I purchased it from Urban Outfitters a few weeks ago and received so many compliments on it.
I was actually quiet surprised...Adidas was big in the early 1980's and 90's.
I remember the classic three strip black and white sneakers on every ones feet in elementary school.
It's nice to see a resurgence of the brand and also view it in a different light.
I styled it with a distressed denim skirt and black pumps.
Keeping it simple, chic and...sporty.

I'm actually really diggin' this look guys!
What do you think?
Let me know in the comment section below and as always...
Love you!


wearing: skirt - c/o lulus, shirt - urban outfitters, bag - vince, heels - jessica simpson, sunglasses - retrosuperfuture

Monday, April 13

Black and White Stripe Heels

 photo forever21_denim_stilettobeats_zpsylvajmft.jpg  photo forever21_denim_stilettobeats_5_zpsgp4xqcf1.jpg  photo forever21_denim_stilettobeats_7_zps44njf7gi.jpg  photo forever21_denim_stilettobeats_4_zpsfs7m52u3.jpg  photo forever21_denim_stilettobeats_9_zpsx93txuib.jpg  photo forever21_denim_stilettobeats_8_zps8k39reov.jpg  photo forever21_denim_stilettobeats_3_zpsz6dklfib.jpg photo forever21_denim_stilettobeats_6_zpsx411nt6x.jpg  photo forever21_denim_stilettobeats_10_zpsm6c2ue5y.jpg  photo forever21_denim_stilettobeats_2_zpsgoentyxw.jpg  photo forever21_denim_stilettobeats_11_zpsigsjhzxw.jpg

The hunt for a black and white stripe heel is officially over!
I guess you can say I'm a bit of a shoe freak,
Especially when I imagine a shoe in my head and it's no where to be found!
I posted on my Instagram a few weeks ago my deep desire for a black and white stripe heel,
whether it be a pump or sandal.
Thanks to my loves at Little Mistress and Paper Dolls my dreams came true.

The outfit possibilities with these bad boys are endless.
Feminine, sexy, casual...
I decided to take a boyish route with this one pairing Forever 21 black distressed boyfriend jeans with a white button up shirt.
Now, we all know the white shirt is a classic but the nice thing about fashion is that you can reinterpret and refresh your key wardrobe pieces.
I took this MissGuided Pussy bow blouse which I've worn a million times (here and here).
And omitted the bow, unbuttoned a few pieces and tied the bottom in a knot baring my midriff.
I felt like a total cool girl in this look because it was so relaxed and effortless.

Try out this little spin on a classic piece and be sure to tag me in your versions!


wearing: heels - c/o paper dolls, jeans - forever21, blouse - c/o missguided, bag - vince

Thursday, April 9

Tunics over Denim

 photo tunicoverdress_stilettobeats_vince_shoulderbag_zpsnme0xt65.jpg  photo tunicoverdress_stilettobeats_vince_shoulderbag_4_zps256wcstq.jpg  photo tunicoverdress_stilettobeats_vince_shoulderbag_7_zpsttmgktb3.jpg photo tunicoverdress_stilettobeats_vince_shoulderbag_12_zpswuenpcbp.jpg  photo tunicoverdress_stilettobeats_vince_shoulderbag_5_zps1k6xzxz5.jpg  photo tunicoverdress_stilettobeats_vince_shoulderbag_8_zpsu57s2tp9.jpg  photo tunicoverdress_stilettobeats_vince_shoulderbag_11_zpsrgvczvoh.jpg  photo tunicoverdress_stilettobeats_vince_shoulderbag_9_zpsfsucxp61.jpg  photo tunicoverdress_stilettobeats_vince_shoulderbag_2_zpsnh792eie.jpg photo tunicoverdress_stilettobeats_vince_shoulderbag_3_zps1mbysbpa.jpg  photo tunicoverdress_stilettobeats_vince_shoulderbag_6_zpszaitogfv.jpg  photo tunicoverdress_stilettobeats_vince_shoulderbag_10_zpscjfzu2pi.jpg

I absolutely love tunics over denim, 
I've actually featured different versions of this look before but
right now, I'm crushing over these floor length, chiffon styles.
It's a new spin on an old classic!
This particular one from Lulus is so light and airy, it's like I'm wearing nothing at all but I'm completely covered.
There is an element of chicness to it, yet it is also kind of sensual and ethereal.
Reminds me of a city Grecian girl.
I wore it with my go-to Zara skinny jeans and my new baby Vince shoulder bag which Emin got me for my birthday.

I was slightly influenced by Le Fashion's Instagram post of the bag and I instantly sent it to Emin.
I knew he was looking for a birthday present so I thought I would help him out. wink wink
As an Influencer myself it is so funny to catch myself actually be influenced by other girls in my network.
I literally am always buying products and items suggested by my fellow bloggers.
Not because I want to be like them per say but because I trust their judgment and really value their opinion.
I hope I do the same for you guys!
And hopefully you'll try out this long-line tunic over denim look yourself.
If you do please tag me on Instagram so I can see your interpretation!

As always, have a safe and fun filled week.
Love you all!


wearing: tunic - c/o lulus, jeans/heels - zara, bag - vince, sunglasses - celine

Monday, April 6

Grey Knit Skirt Set

 photo delacy_skirtset_paperdolls_snakeskin_sandals_ootd_stilettobeats_2_zpsjjnrqkd5.jpg  photo delacy_skirtset_paperdolls_snakeskin_sandals_ootd_stilettobeats_10_zps2jcwxvgg.jpg  photo delacy_skirtset_paperdolls_snakeskin_sandals_ootd_stilettobeats_5_zpsp42kusyd.jpg  photo delacy_skirtset_paperdolls_snakeskin_sandals_ootd_stilettobeats_9_zpsrrkqjcoh.jpg  photo delacy_skirtset_paperdolls_snakeskin_sandals_ootd_stilettobeats_7_zpszzrgh9ab.jpg  photo delacy_skirtset_paperdolls_snakeskin_sandals_ootd_stilettobeats_3_zpsxxdystxz.jpg  photo delacy_skirtset_paperdolls_snakeskin_sandals_ootd_stilettobeats_zpsggatv5qt.jpg  photo delacy_skirtset_paperdolls_snakeskin_sandals_ootd_stilettobeats_8_zpsgaecdght.jpg  photo delacy_skirtset_paperdolls_snakeskin_sandals_ootd_stilettobeats_4_zpsdz5ls66h.jpg  photo delacy_skirtset_paperdolls_snakeskin_sandals_ootd_stilettobeats_6_zps9a6nccey.jpg

A grey matching skirt set is a must in everyone's closet.
Trust me on this!
I wasn't aware of this "must" till I found the Delacy version I am wearing here.
Soft, knitted and ultra chic.
This skirt set is SO versatile I can not even begin to describe to you the million ways I have worn it!
Together, and as (matching) separates as they call it.
I decided to photograph it the way I wore it initially, with a layered vest and grey accessories.

This weekend was a crazy one as you can imagine most Birthday weekends are.
I don't think my head is attached to my body guys.
With that I must leave you for my bed!

Thank you once again for making this weekend so special and for the million, trillion, bagillion birthday wishes!
I love you guys so much...
it hurts!


wearing: skirt/top  -c/o delacy, heels - c/o paperdolls, bag - ks saturday, vest/sunglasses - zara