Tuesday, January 27

Express Full Skirt

 photo express_fullskirt_blackandwhite_stripes_stilettobeats_2_zpsb6a09f71.jpg  photo express_fullskirt_blackandwhite_stripes_stilettobeats_4_zpsb16c4d5f.jpg  photo express_fullskirt_blackandwhite_stripes_stilettobeats_6_zps767b424f.jpg  photo express_fullskirt_blackandwhite_stripes_stilettobeats_zps6ed7aff6.jpg  photo express_fullskirt_blackandwhite_stripes_stilettobeats_8_zpsf0abdae5.jpg  photo express_fullskirt_blackandwhite_stripes_stilettobeats_5_zps29176c98.jpg  photo express_fullskirt_blackandwhite_stripes_stilettobeats_7_zps740d1af4.jpg  photo express_fullskirt_blackandwhite_stripes_stilettobeats_9_zps0e65d755.jpg  photo express_fullskirt_blackandwhite_stripes_stilettobeats_11_zps0a84065f.jpg  photo express_fullskirt_blackandwhite_stripes_stilettobeats_3_zpsd7565dc7.jpg  photo express_fullskirt_blackandwhite_stripes_stilettobeats_10_zpsa2176ba1.jpg

I'm not sure where my love affair with sunflowers came from.
But it's something special between Emin and I.
He seems to always give me a bundle when I need it the most.
It's a rather romantic idea actually that...
Sunflowers bring me sunshine on my hardest days.

Emin and I spent the day having a nice brunch at Sweet Salt in Toluca Lake and shooting in a near by alley.
While snapping these photos something pretty amazing happened...
Miley Cyrus passed by in a Smart Car and gave me two thumbs up...
Shouting "You Look Cute!"
I guess those are the perks of living in LA you are bound to see some celebs in your life
AND get some compliments along the way.

This is one of my favorite shoots to date.
There was something so effortless about it.
 I felt good in my clothes and I think it showed in my face.
I purchased this Express striped full skirt after seeing An of Haute Pink Pretty style it.
And let me tell you, it is perfection.
The fit is fabulous and the stripes are so flattering.
I have a feeling I am going to own this for a lifetime.
Paired it with a simple Topshop tank and vintage inspired accessories.


wearing: skirt - express, top - topshop, heels - shoemint, bag - carlo pazolini, sunglasses - zara

Sunday, January 25

Valentine's Day Make-up

 photo unnamed-2_zpsfe2a21bc.jpg Image and video hosting by TinyPic  photo valentinesday_makeup_pinklips_frosted_eyeshadow_3_zpsc2fdca85.jpg  photo valentinesday_makeup_pinklips_frosted_eyeshadow_zps6e790379.jpg  photo valentinesday_makeup_pinklips_frosted_eyeshadow_2_zpsb3d00b44.jpg

As promised I am giving you a dose of beauty!
I've stated before that I am no beauty guru but I do appreciate the craft.
I naturally wear make-up (almost) every day.
My routine is the basic sorts...which I will share with you in weeks to come.
But right now I have one thing on my mind...Valentine's Day!

I teamed up with my go-to make-up artist Lala to bring you a fabulously frosted 
Valentine's Day inspired look.
(Because we all know there is pink barf every where right now!)
And I say that in the kindest way...I adore pink.

Below you will find a list of the products Lala used to create this look.
Starting February I will be introducing video for more in-depth, step by step tutorials.
I will also be collaborating with tons of different make-up artists and hair stylists to inspire!
Hope you enjoy and please leave me comments below on what you'd like to see next!

For the Eyes:
2. Eye Shadows - Morphe 35B Palette
3. Eye Liner - Inglot Gel Liner in #77
4. Eye Lashes - #747S (Doubled up!)

For the Eyebrows:

For the Face:
5. Blush - MAC in Fleur Power

For the Lips:


Friday, January 23

Ruti Cardigan

 photo wrap_cardigan_stilettobeats_zpsaed6f060.jpg  photo wrap_cardigan_stilettobeats_2_zpsb418a831.jpg  photo wrap_cardigan_stilettobeats_7_zpsdd1cfac9.jpg  photo wrap_cardigan_stilettobeats_5_zps9c831f97.jpg  photo wrap_cardigan_stilettobeats_3_zps082e4980.jpg  photo wrap_cardigan_stilettobeats_4_zps325b6713.jpg  photo wrap_cardigan_stilettobeats_6_zpsd8f4c923.jpg  photo wrap_cardigan_stilettobeats_8_zps994dc490.jpg

Good morning everyone! 
It's been one crazy week...and I share my personal life to an extent.
I guess it's safe to say that I got a full time gig doing Influencer Outreach for a couple beauty brands.
I'm ecstatic!

Now, back to fashion.
I wore this cozy and slightly sexy look running errands with Emin last week.
The Ruti off the shoulder cardigan is one of my favorite pieces for transitional season.
It's cozy and warm...but not stifling. 
There is something so beautiful with the way the collar drapes down.
I decided to add extra cinch to the waist my layering a black ASOS belt...
To stream like the look and avoid looking frumpy.
You can find this exact piece here.

So happy it is Friday!
This week is going to be full of celebrations.


wearing: cardigan - c/o ruti, skirt - forever 21, heels - missguided, belt - asos, sunglasses - celine, bag - kate spade

Monday, January 19

Dance and Marvel Coat

 photo twotone_coat_danceandmarvel_stilettobeats_ootd_3_zps3962c2b8.jpg  photo twotone_coat_danceandmarvel_stilettobeats_ootd_5_zps57574577.jpg  photo twotone_coat_danceandmarvel_stilettobeats_ootd_8_zpsbc3aaa29.jpg  photo twotone_coat_danceandmarvel_stilettobeats_ootd_2_zps24c820de.jpg  photo twotone_coat_danceandmarvel_stilettobeats_ootd_4_zpsd12a6302.jpg  photo twotone_coat_danceandmarvel_stilettobeats_ootd_7_zps35b2a1d3.jpg  photo twotone_coat_danceandmarvel_stilettobeats_ootd_zps77ec1379.jpg  photo twotone_coat_danceandmarvel_stilettobeats_ootd_6_zps95e29015.jpg  photo twotone_coat_danceandmarvel_stilettobeats_ootd_9_zpsf2060ebd.jpg

Well, its MLK day and wearing this Americana look is very fitting.
Red, white and navy is a classic color combination
 that is under worn during the year and over worn for the month of July.
I rarely wear color so styling this Dance and Marvel navy coat with contrast red sleeves was a challenge!
I went with a school girl look by adding a plaid tie that brought all my hues together.
I never realized my attraction to school girl looks but I've worn it many times before.

In the spirit of MLK day I wanted to share with you my
"I have a dream" mission.
I've been blogging for years now and it was solely for myself.
It took me up until mid last year to own up to my dream of making my blog a main priority.
Let me tell you, it was tough and I still battle daily with blogger problems.
It's a constant comparison and in some ways a popularity contest.
You can't help but feel raw and sometimes…not good enough.
But, it's important to stay grounded and remind myself that I'm doing the best that I can possibly do.
I have a dream of taking my blog to the next level and
 My ultimate dream is to be unafraid of owning up to my dreams.
Even if I fail…at least I tried!

What are your dreams?
I would love to know in the comment section below!


wearing: coat - c/o dance and marvel, tunic - nasty gal, heels - c/o shoemint, bag - ℅ mechar , sunglasses - celine

Thursday, January 15

Ro and De Giveaway Outfit 3

 photo whitesweater_blackdress_stilettobeats_2_zps4f2c30f9.jpg  photo whitesweater_blackdress_stilettobeats_4_zpsbf68e23c.jpg  photo whitesweater_blackdress_stilettobeats_5_zpsd78803c5.jpg  photo whitesweater_blackdress_stilettobeats_8_zpsddc001e6.jpg  photo whitesweater_blackdress_stilettobeats_zpse1d98f03.jpg  photo whitesweater_blackdress_stilettobeats_3_zps99ee9257.jpg  photo whitesweater_blackdress_stilettobeats_6_zps17a4650d.jpg  photo whitesweater_blackdress_stilettobeats_7_zps25f3b167.jpg  photo whitesweater_blackdress_stilettobeats_9_zpsc873ccff.jpg

I wanted to significantly switch things up for my final look featuring this 
Ro and De vest dress.
I first wore it as a dress…then as a vest…and now I'm turning it into a skirt.
The art of layering (which is my style resolution) is remarkable.
By simply wearing a piece of clothing over another you create a whole new item.
This is my personal favorite of the three because it pushes my style boundaries…
I got to think outside the box and that's something I really enjoy doing.
Being different is the key to success.

I've really enjoyed this week and I've loved connecting with you guys on my Instagram account.
This is the first of many giveaways this year! 
But... there are only two days left to enter this one…

1. Follow @roandde on Instagram
3. Leave a comment on my Instagram photo tagging three friends!

Can't wait to randomly pick a winner tomorrow night!


wearing: sweater - ℅ dailylook, dress - ℅ ro and de, heels - unknown, sunglasses - piperlime

Tuesday, January 13

Ro and De Giveaway Outfit 2

 photo blackandwhite_blanketscarf_zara_stilettobeats_zps0670c623.jpg  photo blackandwhite_blanketscarf_zara_stilettobeats_3_zpsc5b08cfb.jpg  photo blackandwhite_blanketscarf_zara_stilettobeats_10_zps25190cc3.jpg  photo blackandwhite_blanketscarf_zara_stilettobeats_8_zps37066caa.jpg  photo blackandwhite_blanketscarf_zara_stilettobeats_6_zpse246f1cb.jpg  photo blackandwhite_blanketscarf_zara_stilettobeats_2_zps29f23d04.jpg photo blackandwhite_blanketscarf_zara_stilettobeats_11_zps8a8e4ab0.jpg  photo blackandwhite_blanketscarf_zara_stilettobeats_5_zps47af214b.jpg  photo blackandwhite_blanketscarf_zara_stilettobeats_12_zps5af8846a.jpg  photo blackandwhite_blanketscarf_zara_stilettobeats_4_zps5aafb5f6.jpg  photo blackandwhite_blanketscarf_zara_stilettobeats_7_zps918631ac.jpg  photo blackandwhite_blanketscarf_zara_stilettobeats_9_zpse81c9364.jpg

I'm going full speed with looks this week...
To not only keep you inspired but to finish off this amazing Ro and De Vest Dress Giveaway.
For my second look I wanted to take what is consider a dress and wear it as a vest.
I layered a blanket scarf found during the semi-annual Zara sale, over the vest with a basic blouse underneath that.

For me vests are the must-have item for 2015...
I have about five different colors and am looking to stock up on more! 
It's a great way to look polished and add depth to your outfit.
Plus, it sets you apart from everyone who is wearing a standard blazer.

You can win this item and start you vest journey...
To Enter to win this Ro and De Vest, Simply:

1. Follow @roandde on Instagram
2. Follow @stilettobeatss on Instagram
3. Leave a comment here tagging three friends!


wearing: vest - c/o ro and de, jeans - c/o lucky brand, scarf - zara, blouse - c/o piperlime, heels - schutz, sunglasses - rayban