Thursday, May 21

Celebrate Summer

This post is sponsored by Sears.
 photo IMG_7892_zpsa3dfbjes.jpg photo white_dress_sears_boohoo_white__floppyhat_missguided_callitspring_meliebianco_bucketbag_2_zps8t5bjurt.jpg  photo white_dress_sears_boohoo_white__floppyhat_missguided_callitspring_meliebianco_bucketbag_zpsmwujolqz.jpg  photo white_dress_sears_boohoo_white__floppyhat_missguided_callitspring_meliebianco_bucketbag_4_zpsoodvtaad.jpg  photo IMG_7903_zpsavqyhegc.jpg  photo white_dress_sears_boohoo_white__floppyhat_missguided_callitspring_meliebianco_bucketbag_3_zpsnogkucpn.jpg  photo pinkjacket_white_summer_dress_sears_style_quay_sunglasses_stilettobeats_3_zpsbziscujh.jpg  photo pinkjacket_white_summer_dress_sears_style_quay_sunglasses_stilettobeats_2_zpsfkamwmsl.jpg  photo pinkjacket_white_summer_dress_sears_style_quay_sunglasses_stilettobeats_6_zps95ix97lc.jpg  photo pinkjacket_white_summer_dress_sears_style_quay_sunglasses_stilettobeats_zpsg7zrwynr.jpg  photo pinkjacket_white_summer_dress_sears_style_quay_sunglasses_stilettobeats_4_zpsgdpgngyw.jpg  photo pinkjacket_white_summer_dress_sears_style_quay_sunglasses_stilettobeats_5_zpsybpfpxrk.jpg

My favorite thing about summer fashion is the ease and simplicity that comes with warmer weather. Cut-off daisy dukes, lace kimonos and summer dresses are on heavy rotation. For me, summer style is all about taking one item from day to night because let’s be honest there is not a second to spare during this blissful season. Versatility is key and what could be more versatile than a breezy white summer dress? Over the weekend I picked up this shift version from the Metaphor collection at Sears and let me tell you it is my “IT” item of the season. The ruffle sleeves give it a feminine vibe and the shift silhouette is so chic and timeless.

                A day exploring the vast and beautiful city of Los Angeles called for a quick day to night look. Emin and I spent the earlier half of the day at Echo Park Lake, a picturesque part of the city lined with palm trees and water lilies. I decided to don my Metaphor dress with casual white sandals, a straw hat and a bucket bag. The look was extremely comfortable and charming. We left at dusk for dinner and headed to another side of town, Santa Monica. I simply swapped out my flat sandals for bedazzled sling back heels – instantly amplifying the look for night time festivities. The bucket bag was switched out for a Metaphor laser cut-out tote and I added a pop of color with a bubble gum pink Metaphor jacket. By pre-packing these three items I went from laid-back to ultra trendy in just a few hours!

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outfit 1: dress - c/o sears, sandals - call it spring, bag - melie bianco, hat - boohoo, sunglasses - missguided

outfit 2: dress - c/o sears, bag - c/o sears, jacket - c/o sears, heels - sam edelman, sunglasses - quay Australia 

Sunday, May 17

Lipstick Print With Bluefly

 photo bluefly_wyatt_lipstickprint_blouse_stilettobeats_gucci_cateye_sunglasses_3_zpsec21sius.jpg  photo bluefly_wyatt_lipstickprint_blouse_stilettobeats_gucci_cateye_sunglasses_5_zps5ogxfdfy.jpg  photo bluefly_wyatt_lipstickprint_blouse_stilettobeats_gucci_cateye_sunglasses_8_zps8p4tnyia.jpg  photo bluefly_wyatt_lipstickprint_blouse_stilettobeats_gucci_cateye_sunglasses_6_zpsnbmprwuv.jpg  photo bluefly_wyatt_lipstickprint_blouse_stilettobeats_gucci_cateye_sunglasses_2_zpsvs26wmf8.jpg  photo bluefly_wyatt_lipstickprint_blouse_stilettobeats_gucci_cateye_sunglasses_7_zps9l4tbs5c.jpg  photo bluefly_wyatt_lipstickprint_blouse_stilettobeats_gucci_cateye_sunglasses_zps5iexvuhh.jpg  photo bluefly_wyatt_lipstickprint_blouse_stilettobeats_gucci_cateye_sunglasses_9_zpsfcesd3b8.jpg  photo bluefly_wyatt_lipstickprint_blouse_stilettobeats_gucci_cateye_sunglasses_10_zps67ctlfvu.jpg  photo bluefly_wyatt_lipstickprint_blouse_stilettobeats_gucci_cateye_sunglasses_4_zpswsjv5xeq.jpg

There are things in this world that are universally loved by all women.
Things like fresh flowers in the home, a pair of glitzy studs and a signature lipstick.
I find that when I constantly surround myself with these simple little things...
I feel wonderful, inside and out.
There's no denying what a great lipstick can do for you on a bad day!
Which brings me to this lipstick print blouse by Wyatt.
Not only does it hang on the body in an effortless manner but the quirky print adds such charm and character.
What gives an outfit dimension is the mixture of high and low fashion, casual and chic wear.
How boring would it be if everything we wore was one basic style?
I brought the chic factor with my Wyatt top, Gucci sunglasses and Jimmy Choo slingbacks.
Distressed jeans, an over-sized summer tote and my messy side braid added a relaxed feel.
Definitely taking this look to Memorial Day brunch (aka bottomless Mimosas) with my girl friends!

Have an amazing Monday guys.
 I am stoked for the long weekend - so close yet so far!

wearing; blouse - wyatt c/o bluefly, earrings - wyatt c/o bluefly, heels - jimmy choo c/o bluefly, sunglasses - gucci c/o bluefly, pants - c/o lulus, bag - c/o sears

Wednesday, May 13

DSTLD Grey Denim

 photo DSTLD_denim_stilettobeats_grey_jeans_guess_denimjacket_zps3ezwzukf.jpg  photo DSTLD_denim_stilettobeats_grey_jeans_guess_denimjacket_5_zpsbxswltkr.jpg  photo DSTLD_denim_stilettobeats_grey_jeans_guess_denimjacket_7_zpsotqtprfw.jpg  photo DSTLD_denim_stilettobeats_grey_jeans_guess_denimjacket_4_zpst5t8cr9j.jpg  photo DSTLD_denim_stilettobeats_grey_jeans_guess_denimjacket_8_zpsy2tsdx9r.jpg  photo DSTLD_denim_stilettobeats_grey_jeans_guess_denimjacket_3_zpsq8ubozpg.jpg  photo DSTLD_denim_stilettobeats_grey_jeans_guess_denimjacket_2_zpsiawnqa5t.jpg  photo DSTLD_denim_stilettobeats_grey_jeans_guess_denimjacket_6_zpsufgzehiq.jpg

Can we say I have multiple style syndrome or what?
I go from girly girl, to chic, to androgynous and rocker chick all in a seven day span.
It's a problem.
It really, really is.
I tend to like bits and pieces of all styles.
I love bows and lace, leather and studs, cotton and basics.

I think a lot of what we wear on the outside reflects ourselves on the inside.
And my insides are confused (major haha!)
I'm a very adaptable person, I have never been defined by any one thing or any particular group.
I always got along equally with everyone, and I liked a variety of things.
Music, books, places to hang out, etc.

With my new found pink hair, which I am trying my hardest to wash out btw!
I channeled a side of myself that I hid for quiet some time.
Bad to the bone Emily. 
I donned my Guess acid wash jacket with some killer grey skinny jeans from DSTLD.
They are by far my most comfortable pair of pants right now.
The stretch and softness is unbelievable!
For some reason, the hair and the glasses add a rocker
I don't give a D$%M vibe.
I dug it and I hope you dig it too!


wearing: jeans - c/o DSTLD, jacket - c/o Guess, sunglasses - quay, heels - jessica simpson, bag - coach, top - c/o missguided 

Monday, May 11

Navy Over Frill Dress

 photo navydress_offtheshoulder_ruffle_stilettobeats_zpsaaqdygah.jpg  photo navydress_offtheshoulder_ruffle_stilettobeats__zpsw5oqoz8c.jpg  photo navydress_offtheshoulder_ruffle_stilettobeats_3_zpswsaswwol.jpg  photo navydress_offtheshoulder_ruffle_stilettobeats_5_zpskna9qyuo.jpg  photo navydress_offtheshoulder_ruffle_stilettobeats_2_zpsmg1goy8x.jpg  photo navydress_offtheshoulder_ruffle_stilettobeats_4_zpsmlb1rcvj.jpg

You might be wondering why in the world I am wearing another off the shoulder dress.
Well, clearly these are trending right now but there is a reason deeper than that.
And it has to do with my body.
We live in a world over saturated with perfection.
Everyone is trying to be perfect in every way possible.
It's exhausting to keep up! I have grown older I've surrendered to the idea that I can be perfect with a few minor changes here and there.

One of my biggest insecurities is my body.
Now, I know I am not fat but I can always be fitter, thinner and healthier.
At 5'2 I am definitely on the curvier spectrum and compared to many fashion bloggers I am indeed "fat".
To be blatantly honest it's a daily struggle posting photos and talking about outfits when you do not feel 100% confident in yourself.

That's where this off the shoulder trend comes in...
My favorite part of my body is my collar bone and shoulders.
I was once told by a man that I had the sexiest collar bone he had ever seen.
It's the one and only part of my body that I flaunt with the utmost confidence.
We all have things we like and dislike about our selves.
Especially on the exterior.
In the end what I've learned is to accentuate our "good" parts and learn to love those that make us feel insecure.

On a side note this AX Paris dress is killer.
It has the most beautiful frill top that is both feminine and sexy.
I paired it with my Mode Collective heels and sassy Quay sunnies!

What parts do you love about your body?
As always, love you guys!


wearing: dress - c/o ax paris, heels - mode collective, sunglasses - quay 

Wednesday, May 6

Boohoo Off The Shoulder Dress

 photo boohoo_offtheshoulder_dress_stilettobeats_zps6telnoqo.jpg  photo boohoo_offtheshoulder_dress_stilettobeats_3_zpsssmzzqsb.jpg  photo boohoo_offtheshoulder_dress_stilettobeats_5_zps3rlngfbu.jpg  photo boohoo_offtheshoulder_dress_stilettobeats_7_zps9g3xc5m2.jpg  photo boohoo_offtheshoulder_dress_stilettobeats_9_zpsxp0s0f2z.jpg  photo boohoo_offtheshoulder_dress_stilettobeats_8_zpsoqssytbk.jpg  photo boohoo_offtheshoulder_dress_stilettobeats_2_zpskqcrgyzn.jpg  photo boohoo_offtheshoulder_dress_stilettobeats_6_zpsv0wgw1lv.jpg  photo boohoo_offtheshoulder_dress_stilettobeats_4_zpszww4lox7.jpg  photo boohoo_offtheshoulder_dress_stilettobeats_10_zpsbmlpwdji.jpg

I used to live in maxi dresses.
Maxi dresses for work, for school, for dates...maxi dresses for every thing!
They're so easy and probably the single most comfortable item in my closet.
I got rid of most of my "collection" as I like to call it a few years ago but then this Boohoo number came into my life and I'm starting to re-collect again.
It has a sassy chickita banana vibe to it which makes me feel super sexy.
And as you all may know I'm not a major fan of print but it works because it incorporates only two colors.

Boohoo has an amazing selection of maxi dresses that I'm swooning over!
Probably going to end up purchasing about two more.
Check out my top five picks below and let me know which one is your favorite in the comment section below!

Love you guys!


wearing: dress - c/o boohoo, sunglasses - urban outfitters, bag - vince