Tuesday, February 24

Longline Sleeveless Blazer

 photo missguided_whitevest_carlopazolini_booties_stilettobeats_zps48b3e3b9.jpg  photo missguided_whitevest_carlopazolini_booties_stilettobeats_5_zps7f7c098b.jpg  photo missguided_whitevest_carlopazolini_booties_stilettobeats_9_zps2ae4d67c.jpg  photo missguided_whitevest_carlopazolini_booties_stilettobeats_7_zpsb9962041.jpg  photo missguided_whitevest_carlopazolini_booties_stilettobeats_3_zps1f550c7d.jpg  photo missguided_whitevest_carlopazolini_booties_stilettobeats_4_zpsfd693250.jpg  photo missguided_whitevest_carlopazolini_booties_stilettobeats_10_zps6e9ebaa8.jpg  photo missguided_whitevest_carlopazolini_booties_stilettobeats_2_zps764b8dd1.jpg  photo missguided_whitevest_carlopazolini_booties_stilettobeats_6_zps52a7ad12.jpg  photo missguided_whitevest_carlopazolini_booties_stilettobeats_8_zpsfqgztkle.jpg

Sometimes a break is much needed.
Especially when its regarding your health.
I've said it on my Instagram...
But I had to say it here as well (just in case you don't follow me there...which ya should!)
I've been having some issues with my health and needed to take a break to take care of myself.
And I'm only talking a one weekend break.
I somehow ended up feeling guilty but I promise I'm not going anywhere!

I did managed to squeeze in this last post for February before stepping into March with a clean slate.
I wore this black and white chic look for a dinner date with Emin.
It encompasses some of my favorite things.
A. A longline vest/sleeveless blazer (same thing!)
B. A classic turtleneck (the chic in this fit)
C. And black fab booties from Carlo Pazolini

I have yet to go winter shopping, no joke, and these Carlo Pazolini booties are a lifesaver for a procrastinator like myself.
I mean come on Emily it's almost Spring!
Well, I love them. They have these lovely stud detail on the heel and are so comfy.
Be sure to check out the newly re-vamped Carlo Pazolini site here.


wearing: vest - c/o missguided, booties - c/o carlo pazolini, skirt - hm, sweater - zara, sunglasses - c/o spy

Wednesday, February 18

HP x360 + Megan Trainor

 photo hp_360_bendtherules_stilettobeats_3_zps92cdbf5a.jpg  photo hp_360_bendtherules_stilettobeats_2_zps85cbd93e.jpg  photo hp_360_bendtherules_stilettobeats_zps66d6953d.jpg  photo hp_360_bendtherules_stilettobeats_5_zpsafd6c497.jpg  photo lip_zps893bb2e7.jpg  photo hp_360_bendtherules_stilettobeats_4_zps103b108c.jpg

What do I love more than fashion? And more than make-up?
I grew up in a house hold with a father that is a self-taught computer whiz.
I swear the only visions I have of him from my childhood are in front of a computer screen!
Soo...naturally computers and gadgets have always been apart of my DNA.

Which brings me to this post in collaboration with the new
 HP x360 and Megan Trainor That Bass Tour.  
The HP x360 is a convertible Laptop that can be bent and flipped into 4 different modes.
Yes, it goes from Laptop, to Tablet, to Tent and Stand with a few simple swishes of the hand.
(You can see some of the modes in the photos above)
I had a ton of fun playing with it over the weekend,
It's super light-weight and can easily fit in my tote bag, two extra pluses for me.

Now, onto the Megan Trainor That Bass tour.
HP is hitting the road with Megan to bring the tour to life. 
You can watch Behind The Scenes episodes by following Megan Trainor or @hp.
I love the way HP bends the rules by bringing a tour to the fans and incorporating all of us via social media, ahhhmazing!

And in the theme of fours...I wanted to bring you my 
4 Favorite Spring Lip Shades
The best part about them?
They are all drugstore finds and less than $10!
Find product details here and let me know which is your favorite! 


Monday, February 16

All That Tulle

 photo boohoo_polkadot_dress_tulle_stilettobeats_3_zps118cdef5.jpg  photo boohoo_polkadot_dress_tulle_stilettobeats_5_zps110fdc22.jpg  photo boohoo_polkadot_dress_tulle_stilettobeats_zps5569f8df.jpg  photo boohoo_polkadot_dress_tulle_stilettobeats_4_zpsfcbadef8.jpg  photo boohoo_polkadot_dress_tulle_stilettobeats_7_zpsc05d1af4.jpg  photo boohoo_polkadot_dress_tulle_stilettobeats_2_zpsba8f7684.jpg  photo boohoo_polkadot_dress_tulle_stilettobeats_9_zps11c2cfde.jpg  photo boohoo_polkadot_dress_tulle_stilettobeats_6_zps806d14ab.jpg  photo boohoo_polkadot_dress_tulle_stilettobeats_8_zpse566c1b5.jpg

When I think of Icon, a handful of women come to mind.
An icon can be interpreted in many ways, and changes with every person.
For me the word symbolizes someone who has grace, style, humor and has transcended time.
Audrey Hepburn, Lucille Ball...even Olivia Palermo are all icons to me...
all in their own special way.

My current icon infatuation is Grace Kelly, the Princess of Monaco.
Her beauty is unparalleled, her hair perfection, her skin flawless.
I guess I ironically owe it to Mad Men for bringing about this love affair...
Betty Draper is often referred to as looking exactly like Grace Kelly.
(I'm also a huge fan of January Jones, which reminds me I have to catch up on my Mad Men before the new season airs!)

This look was inspired by Kelly in collaboration with BooHoo.
If only I had mastered those finger wave curls...*le sigh.


wearing: dress - c/o boohoo, heels - c/o shoemint, sunglasses - celine via bluefly, bike - borrowed =)

Thursday, February 12

Valentine's Day, Emin & I

 photo valentinesday_love_couple_stilettobeats_couplefashion_4_zps8be2c284.jpg  photo valentinesday_love_couple_stilettobeats_couplefashion_5_zpsd35c6d1a.jpg  photo valentinesday_love_couple_stilettobeats_couplefashion_2_zpscc3de8d8.jpg  photo valentinesday_love_couple_stilettobeats_couplefashion_6_zps093a53c2.jpg  photo valentinesday_love_couple_stilettobeats_couplefashion_3_zpse652b7cd.jpg  photo valentinesday_love_couple_stilettobeats_couplefashion_7_zps8b8ad962.jpg  photo valentinesday_love_couple_stilettobeats_couplefashion_zps33a3e89d.jpg

I think it's safe to say that this was one of the funnest shoots I've done.
Probably because it's with the funnest person I know.
Emin is my boyfriend, my best friend and my heart.
Sorry I forgot to mention the BARF Disclaimer!
We've been together for a little over a year and it's been one of the healthiest, realest relationships I've ever had.
Naturally, I convinced him to join me on this post...
Celebrating our love with all of you!

Our story is a special one.
Because I've known him for longer than I can remember.
We met when we were in our early teens 14 maybe 15.
All my girlfriends swooned over him...
He was the cool Jock at the school in a neighboring district. 
I thought he was cute, but didn't spend much time drawing hearts around his name.
Years, later and many relationships in between.
We met up for casual, friendly drinks.
We met during a really hard time in my life...
I was confused about the concept of love and was certain I would end up alone.
That day with Emin saved me, I finally felt like it was okay to be myself. 

Months, weeks, days and moments later I could not have asked for anything sweeter than what we share.
We are always laughing, joking, playing and simply enjoying each other.
That is what I believe entails a successful relationship, joy.
Bringing joy into each other's lives.

Wishing all of you endless love this Valentine's Day!
I hope you enjoyed this special post just as much as we did shooting it.


wearing: dress - stories by ko c/o bluefly, heels - schutz c/o bluefly

Wednesday, February 11

Sachin & Babi

 photo sachinandbabi_valentinesday_blackandwhite_stilettobeats_ootd_3_zps4eef2b72.jpg  photo sachinandbabi_valentinesday_blackandwhite_stilettobeats_ootd_8_zps674474c3.jpg  photo sachinandbabi_valentinesday_blackandwhite_stilettobeats_ootd_6_zps48b9a87e.jpg  photo sachinandbabi_valentinesday_blackandwhite_stilettobeats_ootd_4_zpsb69a31e8.jpg  photo sachinandbabi_valentinesday_blackandwhite_stilettobeats_ootd_7_zps04abffc0.jpg  photo sachinandbabi_valentinesday_blackandwhite_stilettobeats_ootd_zpse458cad2.jpg  photo sachinandbabi_valentinesday_blackandwhite_stilettobeats_ootd_5_zps931c1732.jpg  photo sachinandbabi_valentinesday_blackandwhite_stilettobeats_ootd_2_zpsd368b3b3.jpg

With Valentine's Day just around the corner...
I thought I'd bring you an edgy take on a Valentine's Day outfit.
Yes, red lace, pink ruffles, dresses and floral are ALL great options.
And, for the day of I have a special piece I've been waiting to wear that is SO V-Day barf.
(which you will see on my Instagram page!)
But, I thought I would switch it up today...
Switching it up is always a good thing!

I went with a total Sachin & Babi black and white look 
and brought in some of that V-Day cheer with red lips.
The skirt is so edgy and an amazing fit! 
Definitely an investment piece that will be worn many times.
I paired it with a Sachin & Babi sheer blouse which is also a piece that is so versatile.
I mean I can wear it with trousers, under a dress and even open as a cardi.
The options are endless.
The finishing touch was a Missguided fedora hat that definitely added that edgy twist much needed in my closet!

I am also extremely happy to offer you 20% off of Sachin & Babi's S/S 15 Collection
AND Free overnight shipping!
Sachin & Babi is seen all over the Red Carpet...
Who wouldn't want a piece of the line hanging in their closet???

Happy Week of love ya'll!


wearing: skirt, blouse - c/o sachin & babi, heels - c/o shoemint, hat - c/o missguided

Monday, February 9

Angela & Roi

 photo missguided_denimdress_stilettobeats_angelaroi_handbag_zps5b6d897c.jpg  photo missguided_denimdress_stilettobeats_angelaroi_handbag_8_zps7e95e304.jpg  photo missguided_denimdress_stilettobeats_angelaroi_handbag_5_zpsd60b60e7.jpg  photo missguided_denimdress_stilettobeats_angelaroi_handbag_2_zpsbc1e5045.jpg  photo missguided_denimdress_stilettobeats_angelaroi_handbag_4_zps0edf596e.jpg  photo missguided_denimdress_stilettobeats_angelaroi_handbag_3_zps614d356e.jpg  photo missguided_denimdress_stilettobeats_angelaroi_handbag_6_zpsac4bf3c3.jpg  photo missguided_denimdress_stilettobeats_angelaroi_handbag_9_zps50f891f8.jpg  photo missguided_denimdress_stilettobeats_angelaroi_handbag_7_zps1afdc390.jpg

What's better than fashion?
Fashion that gives back!
I am such a "giver-backer"...if that's even a thing (but, you guys get me)!
I love purchasing items that support a greater cause.
It makes me feel good investing my money in not only myself but in others.

Which brings me to the brand Angela & Roi.
I found this line browsing through Bluefly and immediately loved not only the aesthetic but their mission.
For every purchase Angela & Roi donates $5 to a cancer fund based on the color of the bag.
For instance, this red Mao tote goes to AIDS/HIV relief.
If you purchase a blue bag $5 goes to colon cancer, a pink bag for breast cancer...
So on and so forth.
Why not look chic and partake in something bigger than yourself?
Check out their collection...because their bags are divine!


wearing: dress - c/o missguided, heels - zara, bag - c/o angela & roi, sunglasses - celine