Wednesday, October 29

The Boyfriend Coat

 photo boyfriendcoat_luccacouture_blackskinnyjeans_stylemint_gap_fedora_zpsf1d18f1e.jpg  photo boyfriendcoat_luccacouture_blackskinnyjeans_stylemint_gap_fedora_5_zpsc1c06d0e.jpg  photo boyfriendcoat_luccacouture_blackskinnyjeans_stylemint_gap_fedora_4_zps5a3983dd.jpg  photo boyfriendcoat_luccacouture_blackskinnyjeans_stylemint_gap_fedora_7_zps9cea999f.jpg  photo boyfriendcoat_luccacouture_blackskinnyjeans_stylemint_gap_fedora_3_zps6831469e.jpg  photo boyfriendcoat_luccacouture_blackskinnyjeans_stylemint_gap_fedora_2_zps3b90535e.jpg  photo boyfriendcoat_luccacouture_blackskinnyjeans_stylemint_gap_fedora_6_zpsb56e946b.jpg  photo boyfriendcoat_luccacouture_blackskinnyjeans_stylemint_gap_fedora_8_zpsfd9a823f.jpg

Growing up with mostly boys has had a major affect on my wardrobe.
As a little girl...actually, way into my 20's I wore everything from ruffles to bows to anything that was anti-boy.
I didn't realize my sub-conscience effort in being as girly as possible, to differentiate myself of course.
I did not want to be a tomboy and neither did my mothers (grandmother and godmother included).
It wasn't until recently that I started to really enjoy the comforts that came with dressing like my male counterparts.
Slouchy shapes, minimal color, nothing frilly or over the top. 
I tried boyfriend jeans...and the boyfriend blazer which surprisingly are my two favorite wardrobe essentials as of right now.
The boyfriend coat was on my list of must have items for Fall 14.
This particular one from Lucca Couture is the perfect oatmeal color.
Love the roomyness and Olsen-esq quality that comes with this style.
Wore it subtly over an all black ensemble and Gap hat purchased from the little girls section…
Hey, if the hat fits!


wearing: coat - c/o lucca couture, heels - zara, jeans and t-shirt - c/o stylemint, hat - gap

Monday, October 27

Milkmaid Braids on the Bridge

 photo whiteblouse_blackpleatedskirt_shoptobi_tobi_streetstyle_milkmaidbraid_7_zpsdb0b6546.jpg  photo whiteblouse_blackpleatedskirt_shoptobi_tobi_streetstyle_milkmaidbraid_3_zpsa76f2b84.jpg  photo whiteblouse_blackpleatedskirt_shoptobi_tobi_streetstyle_milkmaidbraid_5_zps350f0ac7.jpg  photo whiteblouse_blackpleatedskirt_shoptobi_tobi_streetstyle_milkmaidbraid_10_zpsfb48aa0f.jpg  photo whiteblouse_blackpleatedskirt_shoptobi_tobi_streetstyle_milkmaidbraid_6_zps4f0610bf.jpg  photo whiteblouse_blackpleatedskirt_shoptobi_tobi_streetstyle_milkmaidbraid_zps3591d392.jpg  photo whiteblouse_blackpleatedskirt_shoptobi_tobi_streetstyle_milkmaidbraid_2_zps8bb81de7.jpg  photo whiteblouse_blackpleatedskirt_shoptobi_tobi_streetstyle_milkmaidbraid_8_zpsd9bd3ff1.jpg  photo whiteblouse_blackpleatedskirt_shoptobi_tobi_streetstyle_milkmaidbraid_4_zpsdc63ec5f.jpg  photo whiteblouse_blackpleatedskirt_shoptobi_tobi_streetstyle_milkmaidbraid_9_zps39dcb2d4.jpg

Bridges are beautiful.
Cement arches that link one side to the other.
During my study abroad trip in Italy I spent many mornings, afternoons and late nights on the 
bridges across the Arno River...
Journaling, people watching, basking in that Tuscan sun.
There's something about a bridge that makes me feel serene.
Like anything is possible.

There aren't many of them in LA and although I love my city the few we have do not come close to those in Florence. 
But, I decided to have a Sunday adventure and Emin and I challenged ourselves to shoot here.
The sun was setting perfectly across the LA hills.
I put my hair in milkmaid braids after a long day of flea markets and chocolate cake.
A Tobi black pleated mini skirt with subtle gridlock pattern and white blouse with black stripes was my choice for a 
Sunday evening ensemble.
Simple, pretty and ultra girly.
Red ShoeMint pumps added a much needed pop of color. 


wearing: skirt - c/o tobi, top - c/o tobi, heels - brandi c/o shoemint

Thursday, October 23

Flirty Winter White

 photo whitetobisweater_mesh_whiteonwhite_winterwhite_outfit_luccacouture_8_zpse88eab3b.jpg  photo whitetobisweater_mesh_whiteonwhite_winterwhite_outfit_luccacouture_2_zps7d987a78.jpg  photo whitetobisweater_mesh_whiteonwhite_winterwhite_outfit_luccacouture_5_zpsdb62e727.jpg  photo whitetobisweater_mesh_whiteonwhite_winterwhite_outfit_luccacouture_7_zpse4827248.jpg  photo whitetobisweater_mesh_whiteonwhite_winterwhite_outfit_luccacouture_9_zps8eb4b9f5.jpg  photo whitetobisweater_mesh_whiteonwhite_winterwhite_outfit_luccacouture_4_zps428df9e3.jpg  photo whitetobisweater_mesh_whiteonwhite_winterwhite_outfit_luccacouture_3_zpsa1411994.jpg  photo whitetobisweater_mesh_whiteonwhite_winterwhite_outfit_luccacouture_6_zps67ca0ffc.jpg  photo whitetobisweater_mesh_whiteonwhite_winterwhite_outfit_luccacouture_zps3eaa456f.jpg

There's something about winter white that makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.
It reminds me of the beautiful snow setting softly on a cold December day. 
True story, I have only seen snow a total of 3 times in my entire life!
But...if it were up to me I would move to the East or up North perhaps...just so I could experience a true winter holiday. 

I channeled some of that winter white feeling with my look yesterday.
This is the California adaptation...
A flirty white mini skirt from my friends at Lucca Couture
 And an embroidered white sweater from Tobi
You can never, ever go wrong with a white on white outfit.
I love the subtle play on textures/prints with the polka dot of the skirt and the flower appliqué of the top.
Details are everything.


wearing: skirt - c/o lucca couture, sweater - c/o shop tobi, bag - kate spade saturday, heels - missguided, sunglasses - celine via bluffly, bracelet - ℅ nashelle

Wednesday, October 22

Bluefly Favorites

Bluefly is slowly becoming a favorite e-tailer of mine.
Designer finds for a fraction of the price...
Who doesn't love that?
I recently bought some pieces and waited on the porch all day Saturday for the mailman to bring me my goodies.
(Fast shipping is an extra plus for me!)

Today, I decided to share some of my must-have pieces from the website.
Everything from holiday jewels to my staple perfume, Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolf.
What I love most is that many of the pieces are in season.
Usually, the word sale is associated with unwanted items
But in this day and age you can find practically anything on sale.

Bluefly is the online hub for holiday shopping guys, trust me!
Enjoy 20% off today ONLY using code: FAMILY
Now get to it!


Monday, October 20

Black Lace Dress

 photo lulusdress_evening_blacklacedress_backless_zpsac6ee956.jpg  photo lulusdress_evening_blacklacedress_backless_3_zpsc503cdaa.jpg  photo lulusdress_evening_blacklacedress_backless_5_zpsc2f3264b.jpg  photo lulusdress_evening_blacklacedress_backless_2_zps899b5148.jpg  photo lulusdress_evening_blacklacedress_backless_4_zpsd4d6d0a9.jpg  photo lulusdress_evening_blacklacedress_backless_7_zpsd16b599a.jpg photo lulusdress_evening_blacklacedress_backless_6_zpsf23e74a3.jpg  photo lulusdress_evening_blacklacedress_backless_8_zps0ecb6475.jpg

Oh the Glamour!
If you follow me on Instagram...and if you don't you probably should...
You might have seen a WOWZA Red Carpet look from this weekend.
Being Armenian means a minimum of five weddings per year.
And these weddings are no outdoor-simple-small-shindigs...
They are massive, glamorous and traditional (which I really love!)
It's fun to join in on these celebrations because to be honest with you...
We have some interesting customs. 
From the food, to the the men baring gifts for the bride in the morning.
It is insane!

Everyone gets decked out in gowns fit for the Oscars.
I wore this black lace number from Lulus, what drew me in was the back details.
I knew I wanted to create a dramatic dark look...especially for the month of Halloween.
Lala did my make-up...(duh who else!).
We went with a bronze cat-eye and double set lashes.
And we agreed that NYX Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Siren was the perfect shade!

If you would like more make-up details please leave comments below with your questions! 


wearing: dress - lulus, heels - zara, clutch - vintage

Friday, October 17

Slouchy in Vans Fall

 photo vansfall14_blacksweater_helmutlangskirt_shoemint_oxfords_streetstyle_3_zpsff5622da.jpg  photo vansfall14_blacksweater_helmutlangskirt_shoemint_oxfords_streetstyle_6_zps2bfd40cd.jpg  photo vansfall14_blacksweater_helmutlangskirt_shoemint_oxfords_streetstyle_5_zps2528b51e.jpg  photo vansfall14_blacksweater_helmutlangskirt_shoemint_oxfords_streetstyle_zps463c03d2.jpg  photo vansfall14_blacksweater_helmutlangskirt_shoemint_oxfords_streetstyle_4_zps5a7654b7.jpg  photo vansfall14_blacksweater_helmutlangskirt_shoemint_oxfords_streetstyle_7_zpsdfd84f02.jpg  photo vansfall14_blacksweater_helmutlangskirt_shoemint_oxfords_streetstyle_2_zps91cefcb4.jpg

There's always a back and forth with fashion.
A few seasons color-blocking is the thing then...poof! 
Color blocking is gone and in comes monochrome. 
Styles always change and for Fall 14 I must say that I have noticed one particular style
holding reign.


Think over-sized sweaters, layers on top of layers a la The Olsen twins. 
Now, I am a girl devoted to her heels and full skirts...
But it's nice to try out different looks and ultimately we are multi-faceted beings!
Here, I'm wearing a mesh oversized sweater from Vans Fall 14 collection, my Helmut Lang skirt and oxblood oxfords from Shoemint.
Can I say how much I adore these comfy, boyish flats?
I think my heels are feeling a bit neglected. 


wearing: sweater - c/o vans, skirt - helmut lang, shoes - c/o  shoemint, sunglasses - raen optics, watch - c/o daniel wellington

Wednesday, October 15


 photo uniqlo_blackblazer_whiteshirt_highwaisted_jeans_ootd_zps406c760f.jpg  photo uniqlo_blackblazer_whiteshirt_highwaisted_jeans_ootd_5_zpsef01a8ef.jpg  photo uniqlo_blackblazer_whiteshirt_highwaisted_jeans_ootd_7_zps3a3a2e2f.jpg  photo uniqlo_blackblazer_whiteshirt_highwaisted_jeans_ootd_3_zps8e44600b.jpg  photo uniqlo_blackblazer_whiteshirt_highwaisted_jeans_ootd_4_zps4b24f3a8.jpg  photo uniqlo_blackblazer_whiteshirt_highwaisted_jeans_ootd_6_zpsf2bcd2f8.jpg  photo uniqlo_blackblazer_whiteshirt_highwaisted_jeans_ootd_2_zpsa6916ae2.jpg  photo uniqlo_blackblazer_whiteshirt_highwaisted_jeans_ootd_8_zpsb3d7077d.jpg

If you haven't noticed by now my style has made a strong left turn.
I went from ultra feminine to hi-I-am-a-boy
In five seconds flat.
Oxfords, blazers, denim...all paired together for a crisp, masculine look.
And to be honest with you...I'm totally diggin this new vibe. 

I've been on the hunt for the perfect white shirt and I've finally found it.
Soft and the right fit for my tiny frame.
I mightt have worn it twice in one week.
I added this 21 HM Boutique statement necklace for a spin on a classic look.

Does this post seem a bit rushed? 
Well, forgive me I have entered into the Gilmore Girl vortex.
I mean...I could totally wear this to Chilton right?


wearing: blazer - c/o uniqlo, shirt - c/o uniqlo, jeans - zara, heels - dailylook, necklace - 21 hm boutique