Monday, March 30

Vests for Spring

 photo forever21_acidwash_denim_stilettobeats_3_zps0pzkqwsr.jpg  photo forever21_acidwash_denim_stilettobeats_9_zps2kbiqfah.jpg  photo forever21_acidwash_denim_stilettobeats_5_zpsxw03cty5.jpg  photo forever21_acidwash_denim_stilettobeats_4_zpss00augao.jpg  photo forever21_acidwash_denim_stilettobeats_2_zpskwghnyc3.jpg  photo forever21_acidwash_denim_stilettobeats_10_zpscia2a0hs.jpg  photo forever21_acidwash_denim_stilettobeats_8_zpslydhqxij.jpg  photo forever21_acidwash_denim_stilettobeats_zps0gcawwmq.jpg  photo forever21_acidwash_denim_stilettobeats_6_zps4nyfy8dg.jpg  photo forever21_acidwash_denim_stilettobeats_7_zpsk6culrmx.jpg  photo forever21_acidwash_denim_stilettobeats_11_zpsozqwwur5.jpg

Being busy is a blessing!
Really, I am my best when I am busy and constantly working toward an end goal.
This weekend was a crazy one.
I took on a little too much when it came to the blogging department.
Emin and I spent all day Sunday shooting looks and prepping content for the week.
When you're doing something you love, the work load doesn't matter much.

I decided to wear my MissGuided vest for the first outfit in a fresh new way for Spring.
I tied my ASOS belt around my waist and added a few safety pins to keep it in place,
The vest instantly became a chic (and boss) blouse for Spring!
Utterly obsessed with Forever21 denim which I am wearing here.
They're really stepped up their game haven't they? 

What are some key Spring trends you will be wearing this season?
Anything you want to see me style?
Let me know and as always have an amazing first day of the week!


wearing: jeans - f21, vest - c/o missguided, heels - c/o shoemint, bag - coach, sunglasses - raen optics

Wednesday, March 25

Lovers + Friends

 photo loverfriendsla_blouse_stilettobeats_ootd_hm_zpsoljz5rfj.jpg  photo loverfriendsla_blouse_stilettobeats_ootd_hm_7_zps4ojl6ngx.jpg  photo loverfriendsla_blouse_stilettobeats_ootd_hm_2_zpsujxmoqbd.jpg  photo loverfriendsla_blouse_stilettobeats_ootd_hm_11_zpsnhxjjftg.jpg  photo loverfriendsla_blouse_stilettobeats_ootd_hm_3_zpskujwpl88.jpg  photo loverfriendsla_blouse_stilettobeats_ootd_hm_6_zpsz4tcpa9e.jpg  photo loverfriendsla_blouse_stilettobeats_ootd_hm_4_zps3a47matd.jpg  photo loverfriendsla_blouse_stilettobeats_ootd_hm_8_zpsyvys3ifl.jpg  photo loverfriendsla_blouse_stilettobeats_ootd_hm_5_zpsc3evtm9c.jpg  photo loverfriendsla_blouse_stilettobeats_ootd_hm_10_zpsmrq50irb.jpg  photo loverfriendsla_blouse_stilettobeats_ootd_hm_9_zpsytusfl4m.jpg

I have this new found love of traveling in California.
You would think having lived in LA for 26 years I would have got around to seeing most of it.
But, no....
I stayed in my bubble and this year I decided to pop it.
Emin and I made a promised to visit a new local-ish city once every month.
As you know this month we went to SD for a few days.
I managed to snap one outfit photo while there which I'm pretty proud of,
Being on a semi-vacation while shooting is tough!

I wore this dreamy Lovers + Friends blouse with peak-a-boo back detail and an HM faux suede skirt straight from the 70's.
Unfortunately, I had no time to iron it before shooting so I apologize for the wrinkles!
That's a major pet peeve of mine...#embarrassed.
I also got to try out these KILLER Triwa sunnies.
I know, I know every time I get a new pair of sunglasses I say they're my favorite...
But really...these are!
The shade of brown mixed with pearl is phenomenal not to mention the retro yet modern shape.
These are the Olivia in Pearl and I highly suggest checking them out!

Any suggestions on where I should go next?
Will definitely need to start doing some travel blogs!


wearing: blouse - c/o lovers+friends, skirt - hm, heels - zara, bag - coach, sunglasses - c/o triwa

Monday, March 23

Sporty Chic

 photo lulus_sportytankdress_stilettobeats_2_zpszorh900h.jpg
 photo lulus_sportytankdress_stilettobeats_11_zpsoqvlnokn.jpg  photo lulus_sportytankdress_stilettobeats_3_zps5pqyruuf.jpg  photo lulus_sportytankdress_stilettobeats_7_zpsko2su8h6.jpg  photo lulus_sportytankdress_stilettobeats_10_zpspn2fbylg.jpg  photo lulus_sportytankdress_stilettobeats_zpswnu0solh.jpg  photo lulus_sportytankdress_stilettobeats_9_zpsvzkpyynt.jpg photo lulus_sportytankdress_stilettobeats_5_zpsupcnggci.jpg  photo lulus_sportytankdress_stilettobeats_6_zps9kogeby2.jpg  photo lulus_sportytankdress_stilettobeats_4_zps7yrwhg4a.jpg  photo lulus_sportytankdress_stilettobeats_12_zpsmlyk9cet.jpg

It's so nice to be home after a short two day trip.
I don't know how some bloggers travel the world and live out of their bags!
I could never do that.
Don't get me wrong...I love adventure and I love to explore new places.
But lately my homebody-ness is on overdrive.
My ideal Saturday night is staying home with Emin, munching on unhealthy snacks and watching Netflix while I edit photos.
I know...LAME right?
I used to be such a social butterfly...always out and about.
I guess my idea of fun has changed.
I'm determined to accomplish my dreams and life goals
And right now...that's more important to me than a wild night out in Hollywood.

We had a pleasant staycation in San Diego with friends this past weekend.
It involved the right amount of liquor, food and jokes.
The girls took a little detour to heaven...aka the mall
and I purchased these charming periwinkle mules from Forever21.
I paired them with a comfy, cotton tank dress from Lulus and put my (dirty) hair into a sleek back pony.
No fuss! My favorite kind of hair style.
Emin and I spotted an alley of luscious pink flowers and snapped until the sun went down.

Monday is done!
Now, time for some Netflix.


wearing: dress - c/o lulus, heels - forever21, jacket - gap, sunglasses - c/o sole society, bag - coach

Thursday, March 19

Strawberry Shortcake

 photo girlsonfilm_pinkfullskirt_stilettobeatss_zpshigezndg.jpg  photo girlsonfilm_pinkfullskirt_stilettobeats_8_zpsgzkdhemj.jpg  photo girlsonfilm_pinkfullskirt_stilettobeats_6_zpsndb1kth4.jpg  photo girlsonfilm_pinkfullskirt_stilettobeats_2_zpsn66fke6m.jpg  photo girlsonfilm_pinkfullskirt_stilettobeats_3_zpsvg1n4ldt.jpg  photo girlsonfilm_pinkfullskirt_stilettobeats_4_zpslqa7qok9.jpg  photo girlsonfilm_pinkfullskirt_stilettobeats_5_zpsvii8qg2q.jpg  photo girlsonfilm_pinkfullskirt_stilettobeats_7_zpsdsiyybir.jpg  photo girlsonfilm_pinkfullskirt_stilettobeats_9_zpsqxekfhsp.jpg

Who here is as happy as I am about it being TGIT!
Thursday is the new Friday ya'll and I am ecstatic for the coming weekend.
Emin and I are heading to San Diego for some fun in the So-Cal sun with our gang.
I'm currently feeling like a chicken with my head because I have SO much to do till then!
But, I'm a firm believer that it's best to be busy than to be bored.

I wore this sweet Spring look over the weekend and let me tell you...
Midi skirts in pink are a sight for sore eyes.
People were lovin it!
And I LOVE when people love what I'm wearing.
That's the whole point right?
To feel good wearing an item but to also bring a smile to someone's face with it.
This is naturally me..from the get go...Emily circa 2012 blog posts
You will find me donning vintage full midi skirts before it became a thing.
And I'm not afraid to announce that out loud!
I wore it first!
I paired the pink with a white crop top via Urban Outfitters which I purchased in every color available
(they are so great for Summer!)
And of new sunnies via Sole Society.
But, you already know my addiction to sunglasses.

LOVE you guys!
Have an amazing weekend and follow me on Instagram for a peek into San Diego!


wearing: skirt - c/o girls on film, top - urban outfitters, sunglasses - c/o sole society, heels - zara, bag - coach

Tuesday, March 17

Don't Be A WallFlower

 photo acidwashpencilskirt_dailylook_blackandwhitestripe_blouse_2_zps0y4zdtmt.jpg  photo acidwashpencilskirt_dailylook_blackandwhitestripe_blouse_4_zpssohthmmy.jpg  photo acidwashpencilskirt_dailylook_blackandwhitestripe_blouse_3_zpsdfkj07zk.jpg  photo acidwashpencilskirt_dailylook_blackandwhitestripe_blouse_zps28hdkxoj.jpg  photo acidwashpencilskirt_dailylook_blackandwhitestripe_blouse_6_zpshtabl7dj.jpg  photo acidwashpencilskirt_dailylook_blackandwhitestripe_blouse_7_zpsgxtd6zga.jpg  photo acidwashpencilskirt_dailylook_blackandwhitestripe_blouse_8_zpsrcayw1a2.jpg  photo acidwashpencilskirt_dailylook_blackandwhitestripe_blouse_5_zpss7apjhdw.jpg

Today's post is going to be short and sweet.
Why you ask?
Well, most of you probably don't know that I have a full-time job
ASIDE from full-time blogging.
I'm talking 8am - 5pm grown up business girl.
I currently work for a beauty company (sorry can't disclose who they are!) as their Digital Brand Coordinator.
I'm in charge of booking girls like me for blog posts, YouTube videos and Instagram photos.
Crazy huh?
I love being apart of this world so much that I double time it.
As the talent on one end...and as the brand on the other.

Today has been a busy one and I must get back to my tasks.
But, I thought I'd give a little insight into my life along with a post celebrating my new obsession.
I've posted it on IG quiet a few times this week and its safe to say...
I'm addicted to hair gel.


wearing: skirt - c/o dailylook, blouse - c/o dailylook, bag - coach, heels - jessica simpson, sunglasses - c/o solesociety