Thursday, December 18

Chevron Print

 photo roandde_chevronprint_2_zps077716c2.jpg  photo roandde_chevronprint_5_zps38296a79.jpg  photo roandde_chevronprint_6_zps0f751eb1.jpg  photo roandde_chevronprint_zps8b2f8cc1.jpg  photo roandde_chevronprint_4_zps963c4e32.jpg  photo roandde_chevronprint_3_zpsa6b7e918.jpg  photo roandde_chevronprint_7_zps26257b3a.jpg  photo roandde_chevronprint_8_zps055e4911.jpg

A great pair of trousers and a great printed jacket can go a long way.
I've learned this through trial and error...
Many years of wearing ill fitting bottoms and over the top floral.
I wore this casual, yet nicely put together look for my anniversary brunch with Emin.
We went to a quaint spot in Pasadena called KTCHN and had some Scottish Eggs 
It was pure deliciousness and I highly recommend checking this spot out! 

These Ultra Skinny Gap trousers are possibly the nicest pair of pants I own
Mainly because they hug my curves, have the right amount of stretch AND come in petites.
Perfect for a 5'2 shorty like me. 
I paired my bottoms with a black and white chevron print jacket from Ro & De.
A line I just discovered and absolutely love!
Chic, tailored and classic...
I'm thinking there are going to be a lottt of Ro & De tags hanging in my closet!
You can purchase select styles at Nordstroms.


wearing: jacket - c/o ro&de, pants - gap, heels - jessica simpson, blouse - nasty gal, sunglasses - celine, bag - zara

Tuesday, December 16

Business Class

 photo paulettesunglasses_boyfriendblazer_nastygal_3_zps02e8b613.jpg  photo paulettesunglasses_boyfriendblazer_nastygal_4_zps11f6deb5.jpg  photo edited2_zpsd8bc6cb9.jpg  photo paulettesunglasses_boyfriendblazer_nastygal_2_zpsf456ac66.jpg  photo paulettesunglasses_boyfriendblazer_nastygal_8_zpsd23bbb3c.jpg  photo paulettesunglasses_boyfriendblazer_nastygal_5_zps9c814428.jpg  photo paulettesunglasses_boyfriendblazer_nastygal_6_zps051c9db0.jpg  photo paulettesunglasses_boyfriendblazer_nastygal_7_zps2cdc4310.jpg  photo edited_zps8c426b78.jpg

It's currently raining and surprisingly cold in LA…
So posting these photos seems quite unfitting.
The weekend here was nice and like most weekends in December.
From weddings to anniversaries and taking outfit photos for the week...
What was once considered a time to relax is anything but that.
I am in major need of a vacation people!

I guess this frenzy, workaholic mode has filtered into my wardrobe.
Case in point, this business class outfit.
Pinstripes will always be considered a work wear print and it's one print I don't wear too often.
But I enjoy it once in a while.
I decided to take this blazer for another spin, styling it with a flounce hem Forever21 skirt and a Fevrie sleeveless turtleneck top.
Added a pop of color with my deep red Polette sunnies from Paris.
They not only have sunglasses but reading glasses too…
The lens and the frames are provided straight from the workshop
And they have some really fresh styles that are all their own.
I'm wearing the Sicilia!

Check out their website 
And be sure to follow them on Facebook
Instagram: @poletteeyewear
Twitter: @poletteeyewear

Time to bundle up!


wearing: skirt - forever21, top - ℅ fevrie, blazer - nasty gal, heels - jessica simpson, sunglasses - ℅ polette eyewear

Wednesday, December 10

Holiday Glam

 photo maggylondon_holidaydress_glam_statementnecklace_stilettobeats_6_zps88616801.jpg  photo maggylondon_holidaydress_glam_statementnecklace_stilettobeats_5_zpscbf6fcaa.jpg  photo maggylondon_holidaydress_glam_statementnecklace_stilettobeats_3_zpsa8c8bd07.jpg  photo maggylondon_holidaydress_glam_statementnecklace_stilettobeats_7_zps4645c218.jpg  photo maggylondon_holidaydress_glam_statementnecklace_stilettobeats_2_zps147cd15d.jpg  photo maggylondon_holidaydress_glam_statementnecklace_stilettobeats_4_zps08e954e9.jpg  photo maggylondon_holidaydress_glam_statementnecklace_stilettobeats_zps9b5787a1.jpg

My second holiday look this week is all about edgy glam!
Two things I rarely am.
(Didn't mean to rap…I'm thinking new profession guys?!)
I love trying out looks I would normally never wear.
It tests my abilities to style myself and pushes me out of my comfort zone…
Which is actually a really good thing!

I decided to take this stunning Maggy London metallic jacquard dress to the next level.
I'm talking a whole other planet.
I paired it with my favorite necklace of all time from 21 HM Boutique.
The spikes add such an unexpected twist and compliment the neckline of the dress.
It actually kind of looks like they were meant for each other!
I wanted to keep all the attention up top, so I kept my heels classic and simple.
By wearing a metallic gold pump, I tied the whole look together with out being a sight for sore eyes.
Black would've just stood out and made the look "heavy".
You never, ever want to overdo anything!
At least, I don't.

As for my make-up and hair.
Well, I've recently been into the no makeup makeup and no hair hair.
As in…I really don't do much of anything.
Just slap on some foundation, mascara and nude lips.
Sometimes it's nice to just strip away the layers for a bit and let your skin (and soul) breathe!
This is a look I would wear to a cocktail party on a swanky rooftop in LA.


wearing: dress - ℅ maggy london, heels - zara similar here, necklace - ℅ 21 hm boutique, ring - ℅ rosedale fine jewelry

Monday, December 8

Maurices Holiday Must Have

 photo maurices_sequinskirt_holiday_outfit_plaid_shirt_2_zps8800dbc0.jpg  photo maurices_sequinskirt_holiday_outfit_plaid_shirt_4_zps2034582a.jpg  photo maurices_sequinskirt_holiday_outfit_plaid_shirt_7_zps5ee0ff8b.jpg  photo maurices_sequinskirt_holiday_outfit_plaid_shirt_zps3917f2bd.jpg  photo maurices_sequinskirt_holiday_outfit_plaid_shirt_6_zps3819c7ab.jpg  photo maurices_sequinskirt_holiday_outfit_plaid_shirt_5_zps65e19e42.jpg  photo maurices_sequinskirt_holiday_outfit_plaid_shirt_8_zps0c0d5951.jpg  photo maurices_sequinskirt_holiday_outfit_plaid_shirt_3_zps267b24ca.jpg

There are so many things I love about the holidays.
But I must say that one of my favorite aspects is dressing for the occasion.
I thought it would be fun to bring you a week of holiday outfit ideas.
Starting with this one.
A casual take on sequins!

Every girl loves sparkle and my top must-have is this Maurices sequin skirt.
(Trust me, you need it.)
Comfy, with just the right amount of pizzazz I paired it with a Maurices plaid button up shirt  
and slung a holiday printed sweater over my shoulders.
Layered, preppy and ultra cute!
It's festive without being over the top sexy or formal.
This is an outfit I would wear to a casual holiday gathering with friends.

Check out more of Maurices Holiday Must-Haves here and let me know which ones are on your wish list! 


wearing: skirt, shirt and sweater - c/o maurices, heels - jessica simpson, sunglasses - tobi

Friday, December 5

Little Red Riding Coat

 photo redcoat_plaid_stilettobeats_6_zpse4e7ad35.jpg  photo redcoat_plaid_stilettobeats_4_zps0e4ed5bd.jpg  photo redcoat_plaid_stilettobeats_zpsc1bb12c8.jpg  photo redcoat_plaid_stilettobeats_7_zps88b868f9.jpg  photo redcoat_plaid_stilettobeats_2_zpsda9c8826.jpg  photo redcoat_plaid_stilettobeats_3_zps3e8f40a3.jpg  photo redcoat_plaid_stilettobeats_5_zps819cfb2a.jpg

Can I do a little happy dance?
Why you ask?
Well, it rained for about three days in LA this past week and I was ecstatic.
I ran to my winter closet...which is located in the extra room in our house (I know lucky me) 
And pulled out all my previous Fall coats.
I normally don't buy very many because we rarely need them here.
Last year, I purchased this stunning red coat from the Zara Winter Sale and only wore it twice.
So, this year I am making it a point to wear this thing down!

My mom and I spent last Sunday doing some holiday shopping in the rain.
It was an adventure shooting this look but I'm really happy with the outcome.

I decided to do a bundled up layered look with a little bit of leg.
I wore a black DailyLook shirtdress(k how obsessed am I?) that I purchased from my DailyLook Elite Box.
What is the Elite Box you ask?
Every month a box of hand-picked items are sent straight to your door curated by one of DailyLook's amazing stylists.
You choose what item's you want to keep and what items you want to send back.
It's like opening a Christmas present because you don't know what you'll find inside.
The stylists know me pretty well...I mean they did send me a shirtdress!
I highly suggest signing up and trying out the Elite Box...
I promise you will not be disappointed!


wearing: coat and boots - zara (last Fall), dress - c/o dailylook, shirt - vintage, bag - kate spade saturday, necklace - c/o isharya

Tuesday, December 2

Dressed in TOMSforTarget

 photo tomsfortarget_scarf_oneforone_womenstop_3_zps04931c59.jpg  photo tomsfortarget_scarf_oneforone_womenstop_zps298f8423.jpg  photo tomsfortarget_scarf_oneforone_womenstop_6_zps344203d1.jpg  photo tomsfortarget_scarf_oneforone_womenstop_2_zpsc90ece6f.jpg  photo tomsfortarget_scarf_oneforone_womenstop_7_zps74df1fb4.jpg  photo tomsfortarget_scarf_oneforone_womenstop_5_zpsda48fc92.jpg  photo tomsfortarget_scarf_oneforone_womenstop_4_zps08f72c91.jpg

About two weeks ago I posted a mini gift giving guide which included my top #TOMSforTarget pieces...
And luckily I got my hands on quite a few of them!
A super cute dotted denim shirt, a grey chunky knit scarf and my new favorite TOMS mug
encrypted with Build Your Tomorrow around the rim.
Talk about motivational...
That is definitely something I need to remind myself every time I take a sip!

I actually visited a few Targets before I made my final decisions...but once I did I felt extremely good about the fact that a purchase for myself was helping someone in need.
In a world very "me" based its nice to subconsciously do something for others.
#TOMSforTarget purchases go to three amazing organizations
Feeding America to provide food, The American Red Cross to provide blankets and TOMS to provide shoes.
I for one am certainly not done giving back this season and for 2015 I have set my mind to helping non-profits not just during the holidays but year round.

This look was all about #TOMSforTarget.
And I could not help but smile from ear to ear as my mother shot my outfit before I dashed out the door for some more holiday shopping!
I went with a casual, girly look pairing my denim shirt and scarf with a flirty white mini skirt and sandals.

Pieces are selling fast so if you want to join in on giving back now is the time to do it!

TOMS for Target: One-for-One. For All. Starting November 16th, for every Target+TOMS limited edition gift you buy, we're (Target) giving shoes, a blanket or meals to those in need. 


Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Target via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of positions of Target.