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October 14, 2015

Fall with Yellow Box Shoes

Having lived in LA all 27 years of my life I've perfected the art of dressing for "Fall" in Southern California. I use the " " because really Fall/Winter doesn't start here till late November to early December. You may call us lucky...but for us Angelenos we patiently (or in my case impatiently) wait  for those cold fall days. It's hard looking at the world through Instagram and seeing fellow bloggers bundled up in swoon worthy coats and booties but what I've always firmly believed in with fashion is to dress according to the weather!

My quintessential early fall look consists of long sleeve dresses and booties - a happy medium between dressing for warmer temperatures but channeling that seasonal vibe! I usually hop on the boots bandwagon late in the game but this year I found my ultimate everyday pair, these suede black fringe booties from Yellow Box Shoes. The comfort is unreal ladies (thanks to the stacked heel) and for me that is a major factor when it comes to my daily footwear. I also love the fringe detail that is subtle yet still on trend...it's not all over in your face fringe, but just enough to make a statement. And of course with boots they must be versatile! I paired them here with a feminine flowy bell sleeve dress but on cooler days I would instantly tuck in my favorite skinny jeans and wear a chunky knit sweater! The possibilities are endless. If you're going to invest in a good staple pair of black boots this season I highly suggest these!
Have I ever steered you wrong?!

Check out Yellow Box Shoes for more amazing fall footwear and let me know how you're styling your favorite fall boot this season!

Love ya.


wearing: dress - c/o 2020 Ave, hat - c/o 2020 Ave, booties - c/o Yellow Box, bag - c/o Just Fab



  1. You look enchantingly beautiful in this boho outfit!


  2. so pretty ;-)

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  3. Hi Emily! I just nominated you for the Liebster Award over on my blog! Here's a link to the post for more information:
    -Kelly :)

  4. Super cute look. Love your style and your eyelashes are so flawless. Love how you just put yourself out there. It's amazing.

    Hugs & Love

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