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December 29, 2016

Best of 2016

The journey of #TheTaleofTwoEms began...

I began planning for our wedding! 

Explored and adventured all over LA with Emin.

I found THE dress, the first wedding dress I ever tried on.

Worked with Target to support positive body image and posted bikini photos for the first time.

I began to move into my new home.

I road tripped with my bestie. 

I spoke at WWD MAGIC for the fourth time.

My Macy's photo was seen on Times Square. 

I turned 28.

Banana Republic was one of the big name brands I worked with.

Headed to the desert for Coachella...

with Jenna in tow.

Worked with Zappos more than I can remember!

I finally quit my 9-5 job in order to pursue this blog.

Wrote articles for in collaboration with Armani Exchange.

I discovered my love for space buns.

And came up with a hat display hack that was repinned more than any of my photos!

I attended an ALDO party that was the quintessential LA scene.

Emin made a ton of appearances in my posts! 

Travel began with #StilettoBTravels...

as I spent 4 days in Puerto Vallarta for a bach party!

I took a trip of a lifetime with Supercharge Agency and met Rachel and Sunita!

and rode Pegasus through the jungle to the beach.

I convinced Emin to adventure with me in Miami

and realized that the only bikini's I truly loved were high waisted ones.

Emin and I rode up north to Big Sur and Monterey 

I found a new appreciation for the wilderness and nature.

I worked with Gap to promote some awesome holiday PJs

and finished our Gallery wall that completed our home!

I set sail for St. Lucia with Supercharge Agency again...

and we recruited Francis Lola and Eugenie to the squad!

Emin and I layered up for San Francisco...

and I realized this city was the city I was meant for all along!

I finally let go of my "white" themed Instagram and found inspiration and creativity once more.

I realized the power of Love and decided that Emin would be a big part of this blog for 2017!

I took chances and lived like I had never lived before. 
Thank you for following my journey.

xo ejc


  1. So proud of you!! Seems like in 2016 you grew a lot and we sometimes forget to keep doing that as we get older !! Cheers to 2017 - both of us getting married and getting through the million things we have left to do for said weddings hahaha !! And a lot of new adventures !!


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Thank you so very much for all your comments they mean the world to me! Keep spreading the love and inspiration. xo ejc

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