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February 13, 2013

Beauty: Skin Care Regimen

    High in electrolights hydrates skin revitalizing and giving life from within. 
    Drink 3 8oz glasses every day. 
   Look for vitamins with Biotin, Lutein and Amino Acids. 
    Take on an empty stomach with coconut water in the morning. 
    Hypo-Allergenic no harsh detergents, hardeners, fragrance free.
    EGCG Antioxident infused, great for combination skin, light-weight.
Beta-Hydroxy Complex, Vitamin E, light-weight good for minimal wrinkles.

6. Avocado Mask
Mix half an avocado with 1 tsp. olive oil/jaboba oil.
Apply two layers with cotton ball.
Wait 15 mintues and rinse with luke warm water.
Good fatty nutrients and sterolins.
Gets rid of dead skin cells and minimizes dark spots, sun spots and scars.
7. Egg White Mask
Mix one egg white with 3 - 4 drops of lemon juice.
Apply two layers with cotton ball.
Wait 15 minutes or until firm rinse with luke warm water.
Egg white acts as a firming agent - tightens skin.
Lemon juice acts as a cleansing agent - minimizes pours. 

Hope you enjoyed my beauty video and hope these skin care tips come in handy!


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