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November 05, 2014

The Pink Coat

 photo pinkcoat_boohoo_solesociety_plaidscarf_redloafers_streetstyle_whiteshirt_zps3b7bda1f.jpg  photo pinkcoat_boohoo_solesociety_plaidscarf_redloafers_streetstyle_whiteshirt_2_zps35742ab0.jpg  photo pinkcoat_boohoo_solesociety_plaidscarf_redloafers_streetstyle_whiteshirt_3_zpscb725957.jpg  photo pinkcoat_boohoo_solesociety_plaidscarf_redloafers_streetstyle_whiteshirt_5_zps2d6d53e8.jpg  photo pinkcoat_boohoo_solesociety_plaidscarf_redloafers_streetstyle_whiteshirt_9_zpsd7dadf28.jpg  photo pinkcoat_boohoo_solesociety_plaidscarf_redloafers_streetstyle_whiteshirt_6_zpsf940845a.jpg  photo pinkcoat_boohoo_solesociety_plaidscarf_redloafers_streetstyle_whiteshirt_7_zpse49f8ffb.jpg  photo pinkcoat_boohoo_solesociety_plaidscarf_redloafers_streetstyle_whiteshirt_4_zpsd5ab815b.jpg  photo pinkcoat_boohoo_solesociety_plaidscarf_redloafers_streetstyle_whiteshirt_8_zps8d1a44c4.jpg

With every season comes one Must-Have item…
For Fall 14 the reigning winner is The Pink Coat.
I have seen it EVERYWHERE, on EVERYONE in EVERY style.
From light-weight duster coats to fuzzy faux fur jackets.
I knew I had to have one…because really...when is a pink coat going to be so prevalent?
Boohoo had the exact one I was dreaming of...

I originially wore this look with a lovely plaid Sole Society scarf and comfy red loafers. 
But, knowing I was going to head out to dinner later that evening
 I decide to swap out two items to take this look from day to night.
I simply changed out my scarf for a statement necklace from 21 HM Boutique
And switched out my loafers for nude pumps.
Wahla! Instantly dressier.

There are so many ways I want to style this coat…
What would you wear it with?


wearing: coat - ℅ boohoo,  jeans - zara, shirt - ℅ uniqlo, scarf - ℅ sole society, loafers - ℅ sole society, heels - love label, necklace - ℅ 21 hm boutique 



  1. nice look ;-)

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  2. I love your pink coat, I wore a similar one on my blog this week

  3. Awesome coat! Definitely a fall must have & you're right, so affordable!! I am in love with your hair, it looks so good & so does your makeup!


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