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February 16, 2015

All That Tulle

 photo boohoo_polkadot_dress_tulle_stilettobeats_3_zps118cdef5.jpg  photo boohoo_polkadot_dress_tulle_stilettobeats_5_zps110fdc22.jpg  photo boohoo_polkadot_dress_tulle_stilettobeats_zps5569f8df.jpg  photo boohoo_polkadot_dress_tulle_stilettobeats_4_zpsfcbadef8.jpg  photo boohoo_polkadot_dress_tulle_stilettobeats_7_zpsc05d1af4.jpg  photo boohoo_polkadot_dress_tulle_stilettobeats_2_zpsba8f7684.jpg  photo boohoo_polkadot_dress_tulle_stilettobeats_9_zps11c2cfde.jpg  photo boohoo_polkadot_dress_tulle_stilettobeats_6_zps806d14ab.jpg  photo boohoo_polkadot_dress_tulle_stilettobeats_8_zpse566c1b5.jpg

When I think of Icon, a handful of women come to mind.
An icon can be interpreted in many ways, and changes with every person.
For me the word symbolizes someone who has grace, style, humor and has transcended time.
Audrey Hepburn, Lucille Ball...even Olivia Palermo are all icons to me...
all in their own special way.

My current icon infatuation is Grace Kelly, the Princess of Monaco.
Her beauty is unparalleled, her hair perfection, her skin flawless.
I guess I ironically owe it to Mad Men for bringing about this love affair...
Betty Draper is often referred to as looking exactly like Grace Kelly.
(I'm also a huge fan of January Jones, which reminds me I have to catch up on my Mad Men before the new season airs!)

This look was inspired by Kelly in collaboration with BooHoo.
If only I had mastered those finger wave curls...*le sigh.


wearing: dress - c/o boohoo, heels - c/o shoemint, sunglasses - celine via bluefly, bike - borrowed =)


  1. Awww, such a gorgeous and retro outfit! LOVE this dress, it's simply perfect!

  2. pretty look ; -)

    new post

  3. omg your dress is so cute

  4. omg, I love grace kelly too, and you look so pretty
    I like how you pair the dress with the heels
    your hair styling and smile remind me of kelly herself ;)

    great post! looking forward for the next one dear


  5. Now who doesn't love the Grand Grace Kelly. You look stunning and what a gorgeous dress.

    Berty Morales
    Mad For Fashion For Less
    To read more about this Latina fashion diary visit


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