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April 23, 2015

Floral Strappy Heels

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As I have grown older my fondness of flowers has too.
I guess I never realized how beautiful they were and how they can make a room feel so lovely and whole.
Sometimes buying flowers everyday can get expensive.
So I decided to put some on my feet...
In the form of floral strappy heels from Call It Spring.
These little babies light up my world and I am so happy I finally found a pair I love.
The colors are perfect as is the arch of the heel, delicate and feminine.

They definitely are overly girly so I decided to counter balance that with a casual, flirty outfit.
I wore an oversize knit sweater with a white mini that peaked through just enough to show that I was indeed wearing bottoms!
My DailyLook backpack added the right amount of relaxed-I-hope-I-am-not-trying-to-hard feel.

Emin and I found another tucked away corner in Pasadena to snap these shots.
Isn't he getting better at this?
I love the way he directs me, he's really embraced his role as my photographer
and his support has just taken me to the next level.
I'm a firm believer that you can't reach success alone and I'm so thankful to have him by my side.

Love you guys so much!


wearing: sweater: c/o dailylook, skirt - c/o dailylook, backpack - c/o dailylook, heels - c/o call it spring, extensions - c/o luxy hair, sunglasses - zara



  1. Love how you styled this outfit, love your backpack and bag!!

    || D I A N A ||

  2. Very beautiful and feminine outfit! I like your shoes and bag!



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