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April 09, 2015

Tunics over Denim

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I absolutely love tunics over denim, 
I've actually featured different versions of this look before but
right now, I'm crushing over these floor length, chiffon styles.
It's a new spin on an old classic!
This particular one from Lulus is so light and airy, it's like I'm wearing nothing at all but I'm completely covered.
There is an element of chicness to it, yet it is also kind of sensual and ethereal.
Reminds me of a city Grecian girl.
I wore it with my go-to Zara skinny jeans and my new baby Vince shoulder bag which Emin got me for my birthday.

I was slightly influenced by Le Fashion's Instagram post of the bag and I instantly sent it to Emin.
I knew he was looking for a birthday present so I thought I would help him out. wink wink
As an Influencer myself it is so funny to catch myself actually be influenced by other girls in my network.
I literally am always buying products and items suggested by my fellow bloggers.
Not because I want to be like them per say but because I trust their judgment and really value their opinion.
I hope I do the same for you guys!
And hopefully you'll try out this long-line tunic over denim look yourself.
If you do please tag me on Instagram so I can see your interpretation!

As always, have a safe and fun filled week.
Love you all!


wearing: tunic - c/o lulus, jeans/heels - zara, bag - vince, sunglasses - celine



  1. Tunic over denim is something I've been wearing since my high school and I always love to "revisit" that combo every novi and then! You look beautiful in this outfit and that bag is too cute!


  2. so nice! ;-)

    new post


  3. Love the proportion play here!

    Have a good weekend. Hugs -



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