Feeling beautiful is an essential part of being a woman and I’m not talking about exterior beauty.
It’s a feeling that is hard to describe but I am sure all of us have felt it in our own way.
Feeling beautiful comes from the inside, it oozes out of your pores and spills out into the world.
It can be anything from a fresh new haircut that has you feeling liberated or a pep in your step after eating clean and healthy for a week.
There is confidence, a spark, an overall glow about a woman who feels beautiful.
I gained that feeling a week ago after chopping off my bangs.
I was in a personal rut, and the worst kind because I didn’t know what it was that was making me feel that way.
I felt ugly, like nothing special and that’s when I decided I needed a change.
Now, cutting bangs is a physical exterior change but the psychological aspect of it was what made me Horrah inside.
I had been wanting to cut my bangs for years but was afraid to do so.
What if it didn’t match me? What if they cut my bangs too short?
All these doubts were running through my head.
But, I got up one day and just did it.
It may be overly cheesy to say but I remember seeing myself in the mirror for the first time at the hair salon and smiling harder than I had in a long time.
I felt fresh, light, empowered and plain old..good.
Since then, my outfits have shone.
This outfit in particular made me feel like a modern day Princess.
The 4 year old Emily would have been extremely envious (and proud) of this pink Chicwish skirt.
This piece added to the beautiful confidence I’ve been feeling.
Now, I want all of you to go our there and do something that will make you feeling beautiful and good inside.
Whether its a random act of kindness or chopping off your hair I urge you to take a big step forward in the right direction. 
It all starts with you!
wearing: skirt – c/o Chicwish, top – HM, sunglasses – Zara

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