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October 26, 2015

The Pinafore Dress

The Jumper Dress.
The Overall Dress.

Three words used to describe this piece I am wearing here. I've always had a "thing" for this garment. Probably because it reminds me of my childhood and even more so because at 27 I love dressing like a little girl. It's true - ribbons, bows, ruffles...these are all tiny little details which I adore. I've always been an over the top girly girl and I will continue to be well into my 70's. The same goes for my personality. I can be serious and mature but the root of me is still a child...and that's something I've really come to appreciate it. Emin and I enjoy the little things, we laugh and make fools out of ourselves because life is too short not to. 

On this particular day, I wore my pinafore dress with a long sleeve turtleneck and decided to play up the schoolgirl charm with a ribbon in my hair.
Some may think it's a bit too costume but I think it's perfect. 
I wish I could wear this uniform every single day! 


wearing: Pinafore Dress - c/o LuLus, Turtleneck - Forever 21, Heels - c/o Little Mistress, Bag - c/o Melie Bianco, Sunglasses - c/o Vint and York



  1. Looking so beautiful, classy and Parisienne chic in this outfit!

  2. so amazing :-))

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  3. This dress went from school girl to cool girl. I love how you made it your own and kept it simple. Fabulous.

    Hugs & Love

  4. This outfit is amazing! Envy to say the least x


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