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Ladies and gentlemen, I am wearing jeans and Converse sneakers…your eyes are not fooling you! And I must say this is a great way to kick off my 2016. I find that my style tends to reflect my inner self and lately I’ve been feeling relaxed and at ease. My 2016 mantra is to take a casual approach to life, to live one day at a time and lessen the stress factor.

I guess you can say I’m stepping into 2016 with comfort on my mind and it shows with these classic Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers from DSW Shoes. I’ve been a fan of these for as long as I can remember. I remember dragging my mom to the mall to buy my first pair in the 4th grade and wearing the with frilly socks and my school uniform, an outfit I may recreate now (haha). The comfort was unreal then and it’s even better now! In my teens I remember friends signing their Converse, drawing stars and hearts and personalizing their worn down soles.

DSW Shoes has an amazing selection of Converse sneakers in store and online, and the best part? You can attend the Design Your Own Converse Event January 5th through the 10th to officially personalize your Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars! My teenage dream come true!

At DSW, we believe that shoes have the power to bring out the great in everyone. So no matter who you are or how you dress, we’ve got just what you need. Shoes say a lot about you. Spend a little. Say a lot.


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