I can’t believe it has been over three weeks since my last entry. For that I truly apologize, I keep on coming up with excuses but really, honestly and truly I just have had zero time. I’ve been in a peculiar state of mind and I blame that solely on my recent self-help book, The Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow your Passion. I was gifted this book by my brother’s girl friend and totally forgot about it for months. I opened my night stand drawer a few weeks ago and it caught my eye. I delved into the pages and in two days I was finished. The pages are filled with exercises, examples, inspiring quotes and passages by the author Elle Luna as she breaks down the difference between Should and Must and how to find your true passion. I ended the book feeling really…confused which is why I have been a tad bit MIA.

I decided to take the past weekend and spend it with my gf Jenna in the desert, attending Coachella parties and just having fun. Sometimes the best thing to do when you are feeling, for a lack of a better word, blah, is to turn yourself off and get away. We shot, we laughed, we danced and drank…it was exactly what I needed to feel better and get back on track.

I highly suggest the book but only if you are willing to do the exercises and really immerse yourself in the full experience. Be prepared because it will leave you with an unexplainable feeling…with that I will sign off but more outfit posts are coming soon! And hopefully a more light heartened tone….eh?! Love you guys!

Wearing: Dress – Forever 21, Sandals – Target, Bag and Sunglasses – Sole Society 

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